Appreciation for CoW

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    • Appreciation for CoW

      I just want to say how much I appreciate CoW as a serious strategy game. I mean, a real strategy game.

      My first exposure to strategy games was in the late 70's at about ten years of age when my father brought home The East Is Red by SPI. It was life changing. The complex rules, the hex map, the many many cardboard counters! Thereafter my older brother and I went head to head with many a strategy game, doing our best to comprehend the complex rules.

      Later in life, computer versions of these games never failed to disappoint. The primary game design problem with most computer strategy games is that each unit moves and resolve combat individually. This robs the game of (1) concentration of fire effects and (2) effects of enemy maneuvers impacting each other.

      CoW overcomes these problems and is therefore superior to most paid computer strategy games with its revolutionary mechanic of simultaneous movement and combat through a slowed down RTS model.

      I hope that CoW continues to thrive because I love it and its little online community.

      I have two primary concerns about the game:
      1. It is a pay to win game. I have been a high command member before and I would happily pay the subscription every month if subscribing members would be allowed to play gold-free games. I mean, CoW could be a serious competitive game. Think about it!
      2. I hate the new render engine. Hate it.
    • Hi, did you ever tried the player league? The PL is a series of games made by the CoW support for the community. All games in the PL are 100% Gold free.

      But I must agree with you that we have a Gold problem in this game. My hope is, that we get a special High Command Event each month where it's guaranteed that none can spend Gold in this Event.

      Do you like to play with your friends in a game where Gold is forbidden?
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    • Except for gold and some minor issues, I too really like this game. When I first played the game, since I love warfare tactics so much, I romanticized my conquests and dreams (surprisingly, I was using Italy, which its leader Mussolini also romanticized his dreams), and just love the complex game system. I would really like to see it going for, let's say, at least another decade. Games these days don't last long, and I don't want CoW to be one of them, for the game is great, the community great, the devs trying to improve the game as much as they can (even with our endless criticisms and limits).

      P.S: @dirge, were you trying to cover your criticisms with praise and a praise title?
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