Punishment for lack of activity in players

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    • Punishment for lack of activity in players

      <p>Bytro has to take action not only against multiacc players, but also against players who enter the game and do absolutely nothing, not even a single barrack. This in addition to spoiling the fun of the players still causes an imbalance in the match because who is born alongside players of this type take their territories without the least resistance gaining advantage in the match. It is easy to find this type of player in any round,online players that dont do nothing in their territories which is certainly multi-acc that uses some kind of method that the anti-cheat system can not pick up. It is necessary to study the profile of the player, for example players with 80 matches without any victory, with inactivity during a match but still online have to be punished severely.</p>
    • Sadly, drop-out ratio's are very high; up to 60-80% of the players drop out after just a few days in many rounds. It is hardly feasible to punish them though; many of them will never even return to the site, and if they do, recieving a punishment surely won't help to make them stay. I'm afraid it is just a fact of life in a free web game like this, many games suffer the same problem.
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    • till players can join to unlimited nr of games, we will face to this patter. By limiting games, which can be played paralel, we can be over this issue. I personally play only one game, but surely here are more active players who plays 3 or 5 games, but i wonder, if somebody could concentrate more than 5 games in one time!

      My suggestion would be to limit the games in such ways that everybody can start maximum 3 games in a 10 days period and 6 in a 25 days period or so.
    • Well said, szinisa - putting an ad for our alliance smack-dab in the middle of this thread.

      Back to topic. I believe there will always be players who drop out early, and that will always be a problem that is even harder to solve than the gold problem. One solution I can suggest isn't punishment for being inactive. Rather, I would like rewards for being active till the end, like an achievement. It could be something like this:

      "Loyal Leader"
      Bronze - Not going inactive for three games. Reward: 750 gold
      Silver - Not going inactive for 10 games. Reward: 2000 gold
      Gold - Not going inactive for 30 games. Reward: 4000 gold

      What I mean by "not going inactive" is that you stay active in the entire game until:
      - You win
      - You get annihilated
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    • There is something now for players who start a match and do nothing. If they are inactive for the first hour then the system drops them from the game. It has happened to me when I was trying to join a game and because of bad cell coverage I was unable to get into it. The system booted me out of that game and left me a mail telling me I was kicked for not doing anything.

      That doesn't solve the problem of people who join the game, maybe move some troops or build something and then go inactive. I would think that it would not be hard to code that but I am not a programmer. :)

      In addition, can't the game moderator kick inactives thus allowing new players to join?