Have the paper display more size differences besides regiment and division (corps, army, armygroup)

    • Have the paper display more size differences besides regiment and division (corps, army, armygroup)

      Hello fellow players,

      Regarding the papers I have the following suggestion.

      I am pointing to the following distinction aimed at ground troops specifically to state my case: One single or 2 units combined are called a regiment (sometimes a battalion). However everything larger than 3 units counts as a division. This way you can see in the papers if a player is taking prvonces with more than 3 units or not (''3rd infantry regiment conquered Tokyo''). However, there are a lot more size differences beyond that of a division. This way a stack of 3 units and a stack of 30 units are both signified by the name ''division''.

      My suggestion would be to add a few more names to signify stack size differences. Perhaps stacks larger than 15 could be named ''corps'' and stacks larger than 30 or whatever the numbers might be could be called ''army'' or ''armygroup''.

      Would surely make reading the papers a lot more interresting I think.

      Good idea or not?

      Kind regards,


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    • K.Rokossovski wrote:

      How about something like this?

      SizeArmyNavyAir force
      10-20CorpsTask ForceAir Group
      50+Front?Navy?Air Force

      That looks good! I find it hard to put any numbers on them myself but I would be very happy with the one you made.

      So I though about it some more and one thought I had on this is, is that people might not use spies as much anymore. The way it works now reading the papers is a good early game solution untill you are able to afford spies. So with the paper having this feature spies might become less of a thing.

      ALthough the opposite could also be true. Players could fake having a lot of units in a certain area and send them somewhere else as soon as a certain province is taken. Since the paper does not say anything about where troops ARE, just where they were when said province was taken. So it might also make spies more of a thing than it is now. Since paper gained intell could easily not be adequate. It would add another layer to overall strategy in this way.