Using gold should be limited

  • Using gold should be limited

    I think that unlimited using gold is poor for game.

    For example some gammers without knowledge of tactics and strategy, bought huge amount of gold and generate tens infractructure objects in one or two minutes in one province and 10-20 army units. This manner demoralize other players.

    There is no sense to allow that someone justa fter occupied province can rebuild all infrastructure and build industry level 5 infrastructure level3, airport level 3 fortification level 5 and 10-20 army units in just one or two minutes. This is not game.

    I know that gold is part of business model there but some limitations should be exists. For example rapid - immediately building sequentialy infrastructures or troops should be denied. In real world if you have a gold you have gold you can buy food, materials but you cnat build factory in one day. Or 1000 tanks in one day. This is not possible. You can speed up but not 1000 times. 2 times speed up will be good limitation, and max one improvement per day in province.

    WIth gold there can win my deceased grand mother.