Gold has ruined the game for me

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    • If you feel you have invested a lot of time in the game you deem fun and feel it was such a waste to just abandon, try to reason with them on why you shouldn't be conquered, i'm assuming your game have coalitions? Try to factor in these variable:
      Are they solo or in a coalition?
      Are you in another coalition or solo?
      Victory Points needed for them to win?
      How many victory points they, you and others have?
      Who's willing to betray who?

      Formulate a plan, can you become their allies or can you survive without getting mostly conquered? Or can you rally other players against the gold player?

      Then again most super gold player i encounter are socio/psychopath, no matter how logical you think your plan is that can meet the satisfaction of both your goals and their goals, they may have bias to reject it and destroy you will all their might.

      Once a gold player spent at least 400k gold in a tactical battle against me spamming the creations factory from the ground up, even an empty province a minute ago would have produced 3 nukes. They've made it clear they can and don't care about the money spent doing these, but i still cannot see their logic of their action since that our co-operation would have been easier and avoided such expenses.
    • Hello fellow players,

      Gold players have some signs that makes them stand out from non gold players so you can recognize them early on. This can save your game on a map and make sure that you win. Spread the word through diplomatics and take them out with as many players as you can get together. Make it very clear that the need to do this exceeds coalitons. Recognizing players that use a lot of gold is easy when you see a lot of units being born in front of you, but there are lots of other signs before you even go into a war with someone.

      - Watch what fellow players build in their core provinces. If one province makes a lot of buildings in to short of a time, gold is very likely being used. Check the papers for the times within which buildings are being built and upgraded.

      - If you do research every time you can and do not have big gaps between researches, yet there is one or a few players with a way higher technological advancement percentage in the papers, gold is a probabillity.

      - If a player loses a lot of units according to the papers but this players army percentage strength is always high or higher than it should be, gold is being used for sure. Say two countries of the same army strength percentage before they are fighting each other. Both lost 50k manpower and around 40 units untill the next counting, but then the papers do the military strength counting and one has 6% army strength while the other has only 3%, gold is probably being used (shows up as low pvp statistics but despite of this a lot of maps won out of maps played)

      - If a player loses a lot of manpower, but does not lose a lot of units, gold is probably being used to repair units instead of training new ones, so when you see this happen this is a sure sig of gold use. These players have a high pvp stats and a lot of maps won out of maps played. High stats on themselve are not a good sign since capable players also have stats that look like this, you should probably look out for these to though. The combination of high stats, losing manpower in according to the papers but not losing units is a very good sign indeed.

      - Look out for players with a high army percentage but a low total economy. This is because their army could be produced by gold, not their economy. This could also be a player that invested resources into army building instead of economy. Be sure not to be the first one to fight this player. If after heavy fighting and losing units the army percentage is still high, probably because of gold.

      - Ask around, players that are strong according to the papers yet strangely enough lose when facing a lesser opponent might be facing a gold user. Jusk ask them and see if you can help or have them give you their resources and offer to take revenge for them.

      - If a player has newly conquered territory that has a morale higher than 25% before day change, gold is used to gain morale (not for gold provinces and I think also land that has been in that players posesion for a long time).

      Moving from recognizing gold users on to some things you can do to defeat a gold user:

      - Make sure your economy is bigger than that of your gold using opponent, without a bigger economy it is very unlikely that you will win.

      - Do not face them alone, work with other players. Two economies versing one is a very big advantage.

      - As in any war, make them lose more troops than you lose. Makes sense, but it is absolutely necersary when versing a gold user.

      - Change your attitude. Be nice to said gold player and do not harass them through diplomacy. Always remember, these are the people that pay for the game we all like to play!

      If you are really fighting a gold user that has seemingly limitless amounts of gold, there is no winning it for you, do not be afraid to just leave a map if you feel like there is no winning it for you. But in my experience these encounters are rare.

      Sorry to say this, but from looking at your stats boojiboy I can tell you are not quite a top notch player. This could be a serious reason for any player not wanting to work with you on a map.

      Your stats show that you play with very one sided army builds. You over use anti-tank, anti-air, infantry, medium tanks and tactical bombers.

      You lost a total of 3105 units versus other players:
      539 of those are tactical bombers while only 90 are interceptors. Tactical bombers need protection when doing their job. Both for in the air and for taking a bullet when attacking ground units. Try to always send as many interceptors as you are sending tacbombers in a single divison. Never more than 5 of either. I guess you do not yet know what Status Based Damage Efficiency is. Look it up and learn from it.

      504 of your pvp losses are infantry, means you likely use them to assault enemy positions. Their defensive numbers are 50% higher though, so try to use them defensively. You should also probably put some of the manpower you put into training infantry into other units, especially early game.

      476 of your pvp losses are anti-tank. Anti tank is great, but they have 10 hp while armored units have a lot more and are still strong against infantry. The reason you lost so many is because they hardly get out of battle unharmed and thus need to be replaced. Try using tank destroyers more often, especially in open fields (you have only 3 pvp tank destroyer losses) they have 30 hp and get a 50% field bonus and that is a very good trait.

      445 of your pvp losses are anti-air. Like I said, train more interceptors. Way faster and costs a lot less manpower. Besides, anti-air is very bad versus any other ground unit, so they die fast alongside your ground troops. You do not seem to use their armored counterpart, you lost 0 SP anti-air in pvp. Those also have a 50% open field bonus, a better armor class and 10 hp instead of 5. Use them, use them with normal anti-air if needed and you will have a lot more troops left to fight with.

      331 of your pvp losses are medium tanks. Great unit, but not on its own, should at least have some SP anti-air with it and when on enemy territory also a ranged unit. High losses (10% of your total is sort of okay though, but it is your highest loss among armored ground units) this indicates that you use them with infantry to attack enemies. Try using some ranged weaponry for assaults, gives better results if you can keep them alive.

      Now I have accounted for 2295 (without interceptors) of your total pvp losses out of a total of 3105, 2295 / 31.05 = 74% and I have only mentioned 5 different units, the last of which accounting for 10%. So it is no wonder that you tend to lose maps, especially to someone that has another edge in using gold.

      Read around on the forum to improve your tactical as well as your strategical skill. Best of luck to you in future games!

      Kind regards,


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    • Diablo Mayor wrote:

      Gold is what keeps this game going for all you that like to play for free. Either buy gold or just continue to play!
      I wish there was a happy medium in the gold buying/using scenario. I am quite sure we all have our stories about extreme gold users. I think it is safe to say we all have used gold at one time or another. Heck, when I invade across the pond sometimes I will gold up an airport for my planes. I've golded up fortresses, sped up making troops, etc...
      But when a person on day 8 golds up 50 Lt, 50 MT, 50 arty, 50 AA, 50 AT, 50 fighters, and 50 bombers that I consider excessive. Does someone just want to win that badly and spoil it for the rest while spending $100 bucks for it? There is absolutely no skill in that.
      Or when you reach a person's core provinces after wiping out his airforce and front line troops only to watch him click up about 20 units in each of his cities is that really what this game is about?
      Having the ability to spend 5,000 gold max per game would make me happy...but not Cow.