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    • The attack/ defend is determined by who attacks first.

      So you are going to take a province once you attack a unit that is there you become the attacker and they become the defender.

      Lets say you stop some place between and just have your troops there and the enemy has to send theirs out to get you then they would become the attacker and you would be the defender.
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    • What if they both are going for same place and meet somewhere?
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    • If they are both moving, both will get an attack timer. When A attacks, B defends. When B attacks, A defends.
      If A is coming towards you and you have infantry class units in your stack, it can be advantageous to stop your troops before the enemy reaches your troops. Often AI will send units towards art that are bombarding.
      If you can get your enemy to attack a fortified province center with melee units and your stack is not moving, you can get great defensive stats.
    • I think Lawrence summarized quite well, but I will throw in this alternate wording:

      A moving unit will attack whatever it stumbles across along the path. If the first attack does not destroy the obstacle it will attack again on an hourly basis.

      A unit will defend itself whenever it is attacked. The defense stat is the return fire that it reacts with every single time it is attacked. A unit can defend itself an unlimited amount of times per hour.

      A unit that is defending may also attack something once per hour, and the timing on this attack may be independent of the time it is attacked.

      When conducting an attack a unit will strike all enemy units that are at the same location. For combat purposes in Call of War the close combat range is 5 kilometers. This means that when you attack something that all the enemy units within 5 km of your current position will return fire using their defense statistic.
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    • Chimere wrote:

      So I have my question on attack / defense.

      Does fortification protect you when you defend everywhere on the territory, or just in the "central node" ?
      Does it protect you when your defending unit is using its hourly attack (eg : against the other guy "defend")
      1) for forts, only in the central dot and 5 km around it. An exception is the "home territory" defense bonus of 15%, which applies to ALL your core territory, dot or not.
      2) Bonuses like this are only applied when defending, not when attacking. If there are TWO hourly battles (which happens when both parties were moving when they met; each side gets one attack per hour to which the other side defends), the bonus is only applied for the round where you are defending.
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