Non core province unit production speed should be lower

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    • Non core province unit production speed should be lower

      Hello fellow players,

      As of lately I find the following quite odd.

      Core provinces produce resources at 100% efficiency. Every non-core province does this at only 25% of this 100%. Being occupied territory and all, I think this makes a lot of sense.

      However, the odd thing to me is that unit production is not effected by this in any way. Not at all. Occupied territory makes your units for you just as fast as your core provinces do given they have the same level buildings in them.

      My thought is something along the lines of getting either a penalty in non-core provinces when training units or a production speed bonus when building units in core provinces.

      In the case of implementing a bonus in core provinces this could make the early-game have a bit more units at hand, starting maps is somewhat of a slow thing to me.

      In both cases this would mean a core is more important than non-core provinces as a production centre.

      Both of these changes I think would to some degree succeed in doing the following:

      - Makes destroying enemy buildings a more viable strategy. Since the need to take over enemy production centers somewhat decreases.
      - Increases the value of a player's core. It already is the most important territory you have anyway. Having a defense would be even more important.
      - Make logistics more of a part of the game. Since having to move troops from your core to elsewhere would probably be more of a thing. Ravenging or cutting through support lines could open up more types of strategic play.

      What do you guys think of this?

      Kind regards,