Update & Call of Christmas

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    • Update & Call of Christmas

      Dear Generals,

      With today’s update we are excited to release the speedy Tutorial Mode as default starting scenario for new users! This will give new players the opportunity to learn all aspects of the game in a faster and action packed game round. Experienced players are still allowed to join these maps as well - please be nice to our newest community members and help them out where you can!

      Additionally we release the following bug fixes and improvements:
      • Alliance ranking: The profiles of all alliances can now be opened again without workarounds.
      • Tutorial: An overhauled and improved Tutorial will make it easier for new PC and mobile players to enter the game.
      • Speed maps: The combat icon timers now show a correct progression from unfilled to filled instead of starting half way through.
      • Speed maps: The correct time values are shown again for speeding up production.
      • Speed maps: Real life dates and times are now displayed for diplomacy messages and newspaper articles instead of the sped-up ingame dates.
      • Speed maps: We fixed a bug that led to strange flickering of the production time preview while a production was ongoing.
      • Speed maps: The production menu now shows the correct build times after a production is started.
      • Tutorial mode speed map: The air patrol timer now correctly takes a fourth of the time of the regular combat timer.
      • WebGL: We made further improvements regarding WebGL to reduce the memory usage and crashes.
      • WebGL: The attack timer icon is now also displayed for ranged units for a better combat overview.
      • WebGL: We improved the rendering size of ranged attack arrows on different zoom levels.
      • WebGL: We removed the faulty ranged attack arrow artifacts that sometimes remained when combat was already over.
      • WebGL: The province colors when selecting non-core provinces are now displayed correctly.

      Pack your warmest clothes and fastest sleds for our new ‘Call of Christmas’ event! In this exclusively available event map remnants of the ‘Third Reich’ have kidnapped the world’s biggest industrialist (Codename: Santa) in Antarctica to capitalize on his skills.

      Your mission: Conquer and hold two of three Control Points for four ingame days to free Santa and win all his riches (50000 gold!).

      To spice things up, we removed a lot of AI provinces and made all player countries completely conquerable. Additionally most resources on the map are now concentrated in several resource hotspots.
      What will be your strategy? Will you secure the Control Points for an early victory or will you fight over the valuable resource hotspots to sustain your army? Decide wisely and strike fast to save Christmas!

      Event details:

      - sign-up period: 2018/12/14 11.00 AM CET - 2018/12/28 11.00 AM CET
      - 2x speed
      - All provinces conquerable
      - No coalitions
      - Winner receives 50000 Gold
      - random country selection
      - starts-when-full
      - AI & human player peace period of 24 real-life hours

      Your Call of War team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager