Big Thank You

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    • Big Thank You

      Just like to thank all the staff at Bytro HQ for the work they've put in over the year. I really like the events that have been created to add variety to the game. Makes you relearn and adapt. I honestly look forward to every other Friday waiting to see what event they cook up. Seriously love Arms Race above all other.

      This Call of Christmas map deserves special praise. A lot of work has gone into adapting the Antartica map JUST for this event. It has not escaped my notice. It is a fun map with lots to do and you need to adapt your strategy and they layout makes it less linear than other maps. I absolutely love this game format, but I consider the extra effort put in for this event as a CHristmas present from BYtro to the gamers and I really appreciate this hence why I wanted to post this.

      May you stockings be full this Christmas and hope no one has to visit HR after the Xmas party!

      Tchuss and danke <3 :beer: <3 :beer:

      Capt H