Banned no reason given

    • Banned no reason given

      My account (Swag daddy 69) has been banned for no stated reason or email in the past month! Some people think that I used two accounts, that is not true, i can see how many may think it is though, my little brother (Hayden Lippert, I am Keenan Lippert) always wants to play games with me a lot, although he is not necessarily skillful my parents would force me anyway, I like not working with him because he rages when something goes wrong, thus why most games I play DON'T involve him. We don't need to communicate in game because we live together, that's why we don't have messages together. Please un ban me! I can send pictures if you give me a way to give them to you! I already spent 30$ (that I don't want wasted). Please refund my money or get my account back! I will do anything to prove I am innocent. Even if you think teaming up with my brother is cheating I will stop joining games with him for good! I love the game and just want my account back:( -Sirsuperkeenan
      I spent a lot of money on this game, and bought about 520,000 gold, if i can't get my account back, can I at least get a refund?
    • I show several attempts to reach you by email and private message that went unaswered.

      Please meet me in a private forum conversation. Look for the conversation tab at the top of the page.
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