Submarines Vs Transport Ships (Answered)

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    • Submarines Vs Transport Ships (Answered)

      Making this thread as I could not get the specific answers from the other threads. Would 1 sub at Level 4 be able to take out a unescorted transport troops of 36 troops, or is there a limit to how much it can take down? Also is it possible to lose the sub attacking the transport ship when not interrupted by other forces?
      -Thank You for any help, I have played these games for a while but this is one of those things that seems to always change.
    • Each land unit in naval transport form has 5 hit points.

      And they return fire when attacked by subs at .1 for level 1

      A level 4 sub has 25 hp and does 4.5 attack damage on surface ships.

      So without accounting for sbde or the x factor, a battle could go like this:

      Sub attacks convoy. One attack by sub eliminates nearly one complete unit from convoy (4.5 of 5 hp) so lets round up to that:

      sub attacks convoy of 36, and eliminates one.
      Convoy returns fire, and does 3.6 damage (0.1*36) to the sub.

      Sub can sustain the defense value of the convoy 6.9 times. (25 / 3.6) Of course the second hit will be 3.5, third will be 3.4, etc

      So the sub will at most eliminate 7 units from the convoy before being destroyed.


      In every battle there is an X-factor that means an attack might do from zero to 100 percent of the listed damage. This is in addition to the effects of terrain, forts, and home defense.

      There is a limit to how many units of each type are most effective per group, called the State Based Damage Efficiency. Forum thread on SBDE The sbde of convoys is not listed, and may require testing as to the differences between a group of 36 infantry, and 36 units split evenly between several unit types.

      If you parked the sub in the path of the convoy then the convoy would attack and the sub would defend, which would change the values in the equation.
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    • I'm pretty sure it will cost your opponent a lot more then it will cost you, so I'd say do it. I have used single subs to destroy 12 convoys (in groups of 1 or 2 though) and the sub was around 90% when it was done. Sub survived and the convoys died.

      And like I said, it will always cost your opponent more. If you sink infantry he will lose way more manpower than you. If you sink tanks he will lose more steel. Planes --》 oil. Etc.

      Just do it!
    • I have noticed many player operate under false assumptions when dealing with embarking and disembarking troops. First any unit that is loading is considered the type of unit it is while on land, infantry defend as infantry, tanks as armor and so on, they may only be damaged by units able to do damage to the type of defender is, this is why destroyers will not damage embarking troops. While disembarking units are SHIPS not the type of unit they are while on land and thus are ONLY able to be damaged by units that can damage ships, like artillery and all air units but ALSO any naval units that can target them.

      Test it out and see for yourselves.

      mistakenly posted to wrong thread, the correct one is Disembarking convoys