Announcement Players League Rules effective January 1, 2019

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    • Players League Rules effective January 1, 2019

      The International Player’s League
      Greetings General,

      Welcome to the International Player’s League. The PL is a no gold allowed community event, open to all players (level 13 and above)

      If you answer yes to any (or all) of these questions then you may have found you’re your monthly CoW battle of the month!
      • Do you have the tactical brain to take on the enemy in a time of war?
      • Can you rely on your own decisions in the heat of battle?
      • Do you have what it takes to remain calm under pressure?
      Player's League Rules:

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      • Rule 1 – GOLD USE IS FORBIDDEN!! We will set EXTREMELY harsh rules for breaking them.

      • The penalties will be 15 VP for each use
        However if there is excessive use, there is an option to escalate the penalty as high as a ban, but not limiting the descretion for a penalty greater than 15 or less than ban.
        First time accidental usage that is reported to grandpooba52 either on the sign up post or in game or the world herald will be a no penalty, but a penalty for first usage reported could be included if it is judged to be excessive (one or two maybe an accident, but more than that is probalbly not an accident)

      If you are found to be using gold, you may be banned from the PL for the remainder of the season. However, if you report accidental use to a PL moderator , and are willing to accept, and cooperate in executing a penalty you may not face a PL ban for remainder of the match or season.

      Note: We will determine if something is accidental as most gold use that is reported as accidental is in fact intentional).
      • Rule 2 – Shared Map, Shared Intel and/or Right of Way is not allowed.
      • Rule 3 – Coalitions will be disabled.
      • Rule 4 2 day peace period for active players only
      • Rule 5 – At the end of the round, every player earns an amount of points equal to the victory points on the last day change of the round the 22 player map will be the base of 100% VP
        the 50 player will be scaled to 50% VP
        the 100 player will be scaled to 25%
        lastly the 10 player map will be 200%Note: Some players may lose PL points for violations of rules

      • Note: these percantages can be changed if the larger maps are more than 2/3 filled by human players
      • Rule 6 – Round usually start at the first day of the month, and run one full day short the normal length of the month (e.g. the January round ends at the day change from January 30th to January 31st). Exception will be published on this forum.
      • Rule 7 - NAP's are not a part of the official rules, and will not be enforced by the moderators.
      • Rule 8 - Moderator/PL Admin decisions are final. Players must respect and obey moderating decisions, if they fail to do so they may be expelled from the round or even the PL as a whole at moderator discretion.
      • Rule 9 – Be respectful: Morale rule based on staff ethics, Bytro ethics, and normal social ethics.
      • Rule 10 Ending a Game
        The game may end in only one of the following:
        a) A single Player achieves the victory point required
        b). A single Coalition achieves the victory point required
        c) There are only 3 active players left and they vote to end the game
        d) The time limit is reached
        e) Tournament Director (TD) rules the game as 'Broken' and ends the game.
        In the latter case the awarding of points for the Player League is up to the TD

      Note 1: All players who register in time and who accept the Bytro CoW Community Support Terms of Use and the CoW PL Rules are eligible to participate in league games. The management of the PL reserves the right to refuse to participate in serious cases of infringement in past league rounds in individual cases. In this case, a message will be sent to CoW Community Management.

      Note 2: The use of gold is not allowed in league games (CoW Community Support monitors). Players who accidentally used gold must announce this use immediately in the newspaper (World Herald) and inform the game moderator @grandpooba52 or to the Community Support @Dr. Leipreachán about it. (Unreported gold use is considered a serious breach of rules and leads directly to the game exclusion).

      Player’s League Format:
      • 1 season = 6 months (2 seasons per year).
      • 1 round per month.
      • Minimum rank: level 13.
      • Game starts First of every month .
      • Game will end on day 31.
      • The countries are randomly distributed (no free selection).
      • VPs = PL standing points (League Points [LP])which will form PL Roll of Honour.
      • Maps will change on monthly basis to ensure no map is repeated consecutively.
      Player’s League Point System:
      PL points = VP so 1 point per VP owned at games end (e.g. you finish round with 345 VP you have 345 PL points

      the 22 player map will be the base of 100% VP
      the 50 palyer will be scaled to 50% VP
      the 100 player will be scaled to 25%
      lastly the 10 player map will be 200%

      Note: Some players may lose PL points for violations of rules
      PL Rewards:
      The three best players at the end of the season will win gold and a free premium account
      • Place, 20,000 gold and 2 months High Command
      • Place, 10,000 gold and 1 month High Command
      • Place, 5,000 gold and two weeks High Command

    • Hello fellow players,

      I just noticed something that I find quite funny, so I decided to share.

      "The PL is a no gold allowed community event"

      "Rule #1 - gold use is forbidden!"

      PL rewards:

      #1 - 20k gold, 2 months high command.
      #2 - 10k gold, 1 month high command.
      #3 - 5k gold, 2 weeks high command.

      So our no gold allowed community hands out gold as rewards. I find the irony in that quite amusing. :P

      Kind regards,