Is there a way to sort buildings by whether they are enabled or disabled?

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    • Is there a way to sort buildings by whether they are enabled or disabled?

      With both Naval bases and Barracks it would be handy when looking at them in Province Administration, if you could sort them such that all the enabled where separated from those that were disabled. Under advanced filters would it be possible to have a selectable filter labelled enabled/disabled that would put all the enabled naval bases and barracks before the disabled ones. This would be very very handy when trying to find enabled naval bases and barracks to disable, especially if they were separated from those that are already disabled.
    • Thank you MadMike.
      I was able to get down to provinces with only barracks.
      Got lost with the 'Tab box' - the tab button did nothing.
      I was able to use the select all feature which put a tick in every box for every province with a barracks, even those off screen. I could then toggle to enable/disenable feature, that would toggle the enable/disable feature on those viewable on screen, but not those selected but off screen. Doing the same with Naval bases didn't work. Can this be fixed to work with Naval bases as well?
      I was thinking having a enable/disable filter would filter the two apart irrespective of the barracks/naval base developement level.

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