Logging out from mobile phone

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    • Logging out from mobile phone

      Hi, I have an android s4 and I cant find how to log out of the game when I am done playing, I cant minimize it nothing only solution was to rip the back off take the battery out and plug it back in and put it back together WHERE is the logout button please, also how do you delete messages to other players in the game on a mobile phone I can do it on my laptop but cant do it on the mobile phone?? thanks in advance for the help
    • How do you usually switch between apps on your android? Like my iPhone I just double click the home button and I can scroll through all the open apps, closing or selecting any of them. Does our app block that function on your device?

      If so, please let me know:
      Device name, like iphone 6
      Operating system, like 10.3.3
      App version, which is in white letters in the upper right corner of the game selection screen, like v4.p

      I don't believe that the option to delete diplomacy messages has been implemented yet on mobile, it can only be done from a desktop connection as far as I know. Deleting of course only affects your copy, not the other players copy of the message.
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