Event Games

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    • I recently played a great 'Event' game over the Christmas period (rescuing Santa).

      A couple of the features were outstanding:
      1 a smattering of Province Groups of five provinces, each province contained an abundance of 1 resource (1 for metal, 1 for oil, etc.). So that to take that entire Group gave considerable additional wealth. Definitely worth going for.
      2 at double speed the game was much more entertaining.
      3 one winner takes all (a 50,000 Gold bonus in this case) and no coalitions made for great competition.

      I'm pretty sure it was a 50 starter, start when full game based (I suspect but don't know) on the Antarctic Dominion map.

      I'd love to see more of the same kind of thing - nothing wrong with the standard speed 22/50/100 person games but this one certainly deserves credit So, well done and more please.