please rename Commandos to "Elite"

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    • please rename Commandos to "Elite"

      As we all know, Commandos didn't play a noteworthy role at WW2 frontlines (I know there were exceptions, but not worth mentioning). They were small groups intended for special missions behind the frontline in enemy territory.
      This is not represented at all in CoW, where they are a strong combat unit, that can easily defeat an entire infantry regiment or an armored batallion.
      So you would imagine a Commandos unit in CoW to have batallion headcount as well, which is not exactly realistic... makes it a fantasy unit.

      I can imagine solutions to solve this, but these would all require programming effort. So please at least do the easy solution and rename this unit to "Elite". Hence it would represent infantry with very good training and equipment like US Marines or German Waffen-SS (perhaps, if there is budget to perfect the change, also the icon/appearance of the unit could be changed accordingly and the unit be moved to the infantry tech tree).