please rename Commandos to "Elite"

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    • please rename Commandos to "Elite"

      As we all know, Commandos didn't play a noteworthy role at WW2 frontlines (I know there were exceptions, but not worth mentioning). They were small groups intended for special missions behind the frontline in enemy territory.
      This is not represented at all in CoW, where they are a strong combat unit, that can easily defeat an entire infantry regiment or an armored batallion.
      So you would imagine a Commandos unit in CoW to have batallion headcount as well, which is not exactly realistic... makes it a fantasy unit.

      I can imagine solutions to solve this, but these would all require programming effort. So please at least do the easy solution and rename this unit to "Elite". Hence it would represent infantry with very good training and equipment like US Marines or German Waffen-SS (perhaps, if there is budget to perfect the change, also the icon/appearance of the unit could be changed accordingly and the unit be moved to the infantry tech tree).
    • "Elite" or "Elite infantry" might be suitable names.

      And when that's done:
      * Reduce their HP from 25 to 20.
      * Reduce their bonus in mountains from 100% to 25%.
      * Reduce their speed in mountains from 25 to 19 km/h.
      * Increase their manpower production costs from 875 to 1200.
      * Increase their manpower upkeep from 40 to 90.
      * Reduce the number of military points gained for killing them from 14 to 8.
      So they would then be a halfway realistic unit.

      To compensate for the above / to have the option to research them as attractive as researching paratroopers:
      * Reduce their food production costs from 250 to 100.
      * Reduce their steel production costs from 250 to 100.
      * Reduce their rares production costs from 500 to 200.
      * Reduce their money production costs from 3000 to 1500.
    • If you then feel like a unit specialized on mountain terrain is missing in the game, introduce a new unit "Mountain infantry" with values same as regular infantry except for:
      * 100% bonus in mountains.
      * 25 instead of 19 km/h speed in mountains.
      * No IC, but mountain province as requirement.
      * Barracks level 2 as requirement.
      * 1000 goods instead of 750 goods production costs (for their mountain equipment).
    • Of course you're right they did play a role, but - as I said in my first post - a totally different one than they do in CoW.

      I would be happy to keep them named Commandos if the following changes were done:
      * Make them invisible unless meeting a unit or province center of a nation that doesn't grant you way of right.
      * Take away their ability to conquer provinces.
      * Increase their damage against buildings very much.
      * Decrease their HP from 25 to 10.
      * Reduce their bonus in mountains from 100% to 25%.
      * Decrease their damage against ground units and planes by about 30%.
      * Ideally also let them fight against landed planes as if they were a convoi.
      * And best if they left the greyed out information symbol as a trace after passing a province center (like you can get it from spies or patroling planes).

      With these changes, you would use them like in reality - venture into enemy territory at night, destroy some unguarded buildings, a rocket base, planes on an unguarded airfield or maybe also an unguarded artillery position. Then try to get out again avoiding contact with all other troops of your enemy.

      But that's for sure not easy to implement. Which is why I proposed an easy fix here.

      By the way it was German planes the SAS destroyed in North Africa, not Italian.

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    • Nothing Note Worthy? suggest you look them up - yes they may not have been the no1 troop in quantity at every conflict as there numbers were incredibly small but the amount of missions they undertook and the damage to communications, infrastructure etc was immeasurable. as you say they where all elite troops - and they where called commandos as bytro have labeled them
    • Again, I had written

      Hans A. Pils wrote:

      Commandos didn't play a noteworthy role at WW2 frontlines
      You're now already the second who quotes me without the "at WW2 frontlines" clause. Before commenting on my statements, please read them as a whole.

      Anyhow, parts of the alternative solution from my last post have been implemented with CoW1.5, so I now mark this thread as closed.

      TylerFire23 wrote:

      U mean Right of way?
      Yep - "way of right" of course was a little mistake from my side :rolleyes: .