Free For All event

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    • Free For All event

      Just finished the Free For All event game, an anonymous round with Elite AI,and no coalitions. This combination of features worked really well.

      Anonymous + no coalitions made diplomacy more interesting since the only info on opponents was from the map, the WH and spies. I would like to see more rounds with these features even if Elite AI not included.

      Elite AI was a nice addition too: they play better than many humans and can be quite fierce after several days. The game was more challenging because all the inactives played better. However, since this is normally a gold feature, I understand if Bytro wouldn't regularly include EAI in events.

      Please offer this event more often with or without EAI (but preferably with).
    • From my point of view, anonymous doesn't have to be:
      Firstly I like it if you can check your neighbour's stats and estimate whether he plays good or bad; also which are his favourite units.
      Secondly anonymous rounds don't prevent groups of players knowing each other from before joining a game together and having a very fix, unbreakable alliance - they can easily tell each other outside the game which country they have.
      So I don't see a benefit in anonymous rounds.

      But I totally, 100% agree with Nooberium that coalitions switched off makes diplomacy waaay more interesting. It's a pity you don't get 40+ player maps with that (with the exception of this event). What's worse is that the achievement for victory on the map is given to all members of a winning coalition. Whereas placing second behind an ally in a conventional, non-coalition alliance leaves you completely empty-handed.
      Playing in a coalition has many big advantages compared to playing in a conventional alliance, that has to rely merely on sharing maps and trusting each other. And no disadvantage. So everybody plays in coalitions on larger maps and diplomacy is dead. Game boring. Even though forging a conventional alliance requires high communication and diplomacy skills (whereas joining a coalition requires only one click), the game gives no incentive for conventional alliances; no reward for these brave and intelligent players.

      So pleeease, at least give the achievement for victory on the map only to the player ending the game with most victory points.
      This would add more depth to the game. Also spice up relations between coalition members. At the moment, as long as your coalition is winning, keeping it up til the end is the only reasonable option. But if only 1st place gets the achievement, you will have to think some more. The leading coalition member (with the most victory points) might actually have to do something, diplomatically, to keep his partners stay by his side. And the others will face the question whether they prefer being loyal and contenting themselves with the coalition win (but without the achievement), or exiting the coalition searching their chance for 1st place but at the same time risking to be defeated.