I've been gone for a while it seems...

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    • I've been gone for a while it seems...

      Been gone from Call of War for quite a few years. What's changed since 2016, my good folks?

      Edit: Can anyone answer as to why I have -1,451 points?
      Le Dawdlepuss, the slowest one of all

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    • Welcome Back!

      Coalitions can win with 80% of the victory points

      Larger maps are system generated. When one fills up another is opened. This leads to more full and active maps, with less chance of a map being a "dud" as they used to be.

      Home Defense: Anywhere in your core provinces your units get BOTH a 15% increase in strength and a 15% reduction in damage taken when attacked.

      Core provinces are returned automatically to their original owner when liberated by a coalition member.

      Several rounds of balancing changes with slight adjustments to unit stats. Bombers are more fragile now, etc.

      I think that covers the important changes. Likely many minor things you will find along the way.

      dawdlepuss wrote:

      Edit: Can anyone answer as to why I have -1,451 points?
      It's like golf: Lowest score wins a prize :D

      Actually just an unfix-able glitch in the forum software.
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