How to Counter Germany as Poland in "Historic World War" Game Mode

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    • How to Counter Germany as Poland in "Historic World War" Game Mode

      I am creating this thread because I have seen many people as Poland fall to Germany really easily in the "Historic World War" game mode. I am not saying this counter will work ALL the time but it will give you an edge on Germany. Basically the plan goes like this:

      1st: Try to be allies with Germany. War is not everything.

      2nd: If he attacks you, then your war plan should be like this:

      2a. Build IC's ASAP. Building units faster will give you an edge on you enemy.

      2b. Replace militia to good defensive positions (cities and wherever his armies are pointing). Usually, the piece of land caught between main land of Germany and the separate part of it will be overrun pretty quick so don't focus too much attention there. I placed 2 fighter planes to patrol his armor cars invading from the North and a few militia regiments too (just make sure he doesn't put his main force over there).

      2c. This is the part where YOU make the comeback. Use infantry and armored cars to catch small lands behind Germany's army. He then will panic and retreat. While doing that, build tactical bombers to patrol and attack, infantry to defend, artillery to attack from distances and light tanks to face his army head on.

      2d. He then will realize your plan and then attack your cities so place armies in cities and remaining militia in open lands.

      2e. From there on, it's all up to you. I would stay far from his army and build a bunch of tac bombers and artillery so you don't have to face him head-on. Also if he get's close to capitol move it asap to make sure you always have a capital keeping your morale up.

      3rd: Try to get allies such as Romania or USSR or Sweden to help you counter/defend.


      If you play smart, you might just prevail against the tyranny of Germany. Please send back suggestion/criticism to make our plan better. Thanks!
    • OK so in my current battle I am defeating Germany. The play of forts do help with defense of infantry and militia and yes you will definitely have to to build the counter if you distract Germany well enough. Also Poland does start with an Armored car so you can use that to distract him. Also I forgot to mention back in my previous article that you want to build AA for Germany's heavy air. That will help for sure. I am just about to take over Germany's unguarded capital too. This war plan will not ALL the time but will help for sure.