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      I am so TIRED of moving around the map while in Espionage mode and this laggy game glitches so that my mouse hits "destroy resources" or "reduce morale". I would NEVER in a million years spend gold on these 2 functions. In one game the game bugged out and revealed army 3 times in a row. In another game I was entering a sell order and the screen lagged and boom, I spent 5,000 gold on a resource I was trying to sell. SERIOUSLY BYTRO?

      Why in the hell do we have a confirm button for spending $15,000 cash on a spy but ZERO confirm buttons when using gold on ANY option. Implement! There are many reasons why people don't buy gold...this is my reason. You fix this and I will buy gold, maybe even High Command. Until then I'm not wasting real money on a game bug/glitch/lag/screwup. I've lost at least 20,000 gold in recent games on purchases that were never intended and they PROVIDED NO VALUE!
    • Yeah, um. This has been requested many times, and they refuse to add it for some reason. Well, lemme correct that. I've been gone for a while and I just returned, but I would assume they are still refusing to add it. I think they want people to accidentally spend Gold so they either buy it some more or don't have enough to do anything with it.

      It's just them being greedy as hell.
      To build, you must first destroy.
    • Sure, it's indefensible. I don't think Bytro is losing longtime players over it however. I've played for a round a year (minus the two months I didn't play much at all) and I haven'y quit the game because of a missing confirmation button. I haven't seen anybody else do it either.

      Tbh, I don't mind it too much, as I don't use Gold often, but it does annoy me when I spend 1000 gold by accident.
      To build, you must first destroy.
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      Yup ..... excellent point on having to confirm other actions - but one slip of the thumb or accidental click and you are golding cash ........ out of your pocket into theirs.

      I agree ......... ADD A CONFIRMATION BUTTON your clients are asking you for it and becoming frustrated.

      BYTRO - Your clients are happy to spend some money, but don't make them feel like they have no recourse for accidental gold spending ..... that's not a good long term strategy to keep clients. I almost feels like the mobile version , in particular, has that gold button far too close to other common commands ...

      Trust me on this piece of advice .....
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      Bytro has lost players over it ..........and revenues.

      This is EXACTLY why I left last time for 6-8 months ...... I got ticked off with a glitch that occurred in a game similar to the one described above.

      On a recent session, the other day, the computer was lagging, and I noticed my gold rolling down and I don't know why? did I click something? was there a glitch? wtf happened?

      YUP this may be my last game I think because it's happening again and I really like the game .... just starting to get upset again over some so simple to fix.

      I am happy to spend gold, but want to spend my money how and when I want .... I don't want to feel like I am being ripped off