Please reduce transport ships research effort

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    • I would like to propose a change that I suggested when the transports were just being finalized last year, instead of just adding speed to the transports, I would suggest that higher level transports embark and disembark faster. This change would make me consider researching transports even with the time and other requirements for researching it unchanged.

      Basically it would be to have the level 1 stay as they are. Level 2 speed is the same as the L1 but instead embarking and disembarking times reduced by 10%, like using a L1 Naval Base. Level 3 speed would be as the Level 2 speed is. Finally Level 4 the speed would be the same as L3 but once again reduced embarkation and disembarkation time by 30%, like at a L2 Naval Base.

      My proposal
      L1 speed 23 normal load/unload
      L2 speed 23 10% reduction to load/unload times (roughly 4 hours to disembark in unfriendly provinces)
      L3 speed 30 with either normal load/unload times or reduced by 10% (determined by playtesting)
      L4 speed 30 30% reduction to load/unload times (roughly 3 hours 10 min to disembark in unfriendly provinces)
    • Lawrence Czl wrote:

      This would unbalance the game in favor of stronger players who have been playing longer. Stronger players already tend to understand the game strategy better and have on average better winning chances.
      That's kinda the point, and to bring the thread off topic, again! There aren't many rewards for players who rank up, sure you get access to more games, but the way I see it I don't have an incentive to rank up and to play the game, if I am a level 30, why keep trying to level up? why keep trying these things? Players who are higher level in games tend to do better than level lower players, because the higher level players have played and earned these things. The game strategy is easy to understand, if you don't want to go into the breaking down a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of 0.9% or something, down to the very first engagement of an enemy unit. Sorry if I don't understand, but I haven't seen any rewards show up to me for getting to my level that I am at now.
    • I usually upgrade my transports to level 3 or 4, saving the time across the Atlantic or pacific is worth it.
      But I agree, the rare and time costs are outrageous, and could use some modifications.
      Good points!
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