Announcement Intnl. PL 2nd (Final) Warning

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  • Intnl. PL 2nd (Final) Warning

    Hiho folks,

    Today I have to announce that again we received reports about the Players League, these reports including those that take part insulting each other and organizers in/across the forum (all of who will rename nameless) took it on themselves to bring in a toxic atmosphere and insult others and those responsible have been given a warning about their conduct (no exceptions!)

    Dr. Leipreachán wrote:

    • RULE 9 - Be respectful: Morale rule based on staff ethics, Bytro ethics, and normal social ethics.

    You ALL AGREED to the rules and these rules will be enforced. This is now the Second and FINAL Warning to ALL who participate in the Player’s League (Intnl. Version) anymore reports with such behavior WILL lead to the suspension of the International Player’s League and no rewards will be paid if the league is suspended
    Dr. Leipreachán
    Community Support