Illicit/forbidden (?) exchange of resources.

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    • Illicit/forbidden (?) exchange of resources.

      Hi everyone, I have a doubt: is it true that exchanging "resources" for "sharing map" and exchanging resources with a 1:100 ratio is forbidden? I always donate resources to my fellow allies (when they are in need) without asking them anything else than the "sharing map" option. And recently there was a player on the verge of being annihilated and - since I was fighting against his same enemy and since I knew he was going to leave the game) I asked him to donate me his last resources (and he still had a lot of them). Is there something wrong with that? I've been accused of not respecting the rules on the newspaper.
      PS Sorry for my terrible english :)
    • Marat666 wrote:

      Is there something wrong with that?

      What you have described is within the rules, which is primarily this:

      Dr. Leipreachán wrote:

      It is forbidden to join a game just to give another country an excessive advantage or to damage another player/country

      So if the other player had joined with the intention of helping you to win and gave you his resources, then that would violate the rule.

      As it appears that the other player joined and has played the game and tried to win, but failed, then that does not violate the rule.
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