Some Starting Powers Too Strong

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    • Some Starting Powers Too Strong

      Some games have the British and Russia way too powerful in the beginning. I think British start with 60 units in the navy. Way too powerful for this type of game. Russia has too many units too. Also I find the production of boxes is extremely low in the beginning so you spend way too much making provinces produce more and countries that already have a military easily overrun you. A little better balance is needed.
    • This will depend strongly on which game you are in. Some modes are balanced (22-player, homefront) some are historic, which means they will reflect things similar to what they were like during the actual war. If you land as a smaller power on a historical map, make friends until you can gain a stronger position!
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    • The 25 player historical map is NOT intended to be balanced. Every country has a strength and a weakness. This makes diplomacy, trading, cautious gameplay, and smart choices a very important part of that map.

      I don't have the patience for that map myself, but there are some people who love it.
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