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    • Gold limits

      I'm a long time member, have spent several hundred dollars, have nothing against gold use. BUT, I'm seeing games now where someone gets his butt kicked and loses his mind and starts spending ridiculous quantities in a single game. On the current map I'm on, ****Removed by Moderator*** , **** Removed by Moderator**** was down to a single province and 2 militia. Overnight he built the largest army in the game. Fully admitted that he'd spend $500 (which seems a little high, my guess is more like $150). This has happened to me 5 or 6 times now. Massive gold use.

      My alliance has seen several members quit due to games like this. No point in playing if someone can literally buy a win like that. No strategy, no tactics, no team work. Just gold gold gold. Really takes away from the game.

      Can you please consider some kind of gold limit usage per game? Even if it's a high number, knowing there is a limit would keep players like me still engaged. I can survive an onslaught and spend a little of my own money and still make a game of it.
    • My friend you know it will not do anything ... just when it opens a debate with gold just do not care. Gold is a taboo for the company!

      And many of my friends have gone out of the game and my alliance has left many of them. I've been around for about a year, and when I decided on January 3rd, I saw that something has not changed in the gold theme and I just went out again to play in the tournament (Players League) where it is played without gold. So you see me again :)

      Unfortunately I tried to tell friends to play the game but I always lost them in pay and win ... but it makes sense, why start a game that wins the biggest wallet? It's like playing chess and the other getting you a second queen from nowhere.

      That's what I write, while I have 180k gold (paid in the beginning and after all the winnings from the game) that gold I was spending on the wrong push (another problem of the game).

      They could have the gold stairway along with the technologies.
      1 day: 1500 gold to spend every day
      4 days: 3000 gold to spend every day
      12 days: 5000 gold to spend every day
      20 days: 8000 gold to spend every day

      This keeps some balance and one can spend enough gold as a whole. But it keeps the game in frames!

      So one can spend gold (10 euros) in a game once a month and please the game because it will be equal and no army will appear from nowhere.

      They could once put up a game with 5000 golden entry once a week and not allow gold.

      However for me the game is on BETA, if you do not clear in the future what will be done with pay and win. Because it's just not a game like it is ... I'm looking for and expect to come out of a similar game or modify it. It has reached a critical point, where players who put a lot of gold will understand that they spend a lot and those who do not put much gold that makes no sense to play an uneven game.
      It is a shame because it is a very good game !!!

      Sorry for my harsh criticism.

      This is my opinion !!!

      Sorry for mistakes in translation.
    • JCS Darragh wrote:

      Bytro says no
      This has always been the case.

      JCS Darragh wrote:

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