1925 - 1945 World in Flames Semi-Historical RP

    • 1925 - 1945 World in Flames Semi-Historical RP

      This roleplay is a spiritual successor to TheLightningTurk's 1925 onwards RP, created by the members of that roleplay after it died. It follows similar rules, abelit with improvements we feel will make the game better. The ideology system has been updated, and now includes Theocracy. Civil War nations can also be split to end them quicker.

      This is a semi-historical RP, which means we use events from the past, but we don't use historical events after 1925 . The game is planned to end when we reach 1945 where we will decide if we want to continue into the Cold War era and make the necessary adjustments. We will focus on landswapping first. (This is a 100p map)

      You can upgrade your tech tree through newspaper articles, or in-character messages sent on Discord but you have to total the amount of words you have written while being "In-Character" and give it to an admin to upgrade either your unit quantity limit or unit level limit.

      Discord is required as it the easiest and most organized form of communication that we can afford (Free). You can apply in the Discord server at this link : discord.gg/xjy3qfH . After you apply, you can join the map.

      (The map itself is in Dutch because the Dutch mods gave us a map, however we will use English to communicate)

      The information is explained much better on the Discord Server*