Lower the Research Cost

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    • Lower the Research Cost

      Okay. I'm Germany in a 10 player game. I'm always strapped for rare materials, and I can't really get an rare material provinces any time soon, cause I've basically expanded as far as possible, right now. I've built infrastructure in my province that produce rares, but I can't get production above 150/hour. That would be fine, if I wasn't researching all the time. I have to choose between building up reserves so I can actually afford to build industrial complexes, or researching stuff. Research costs are way to high. I've never been above 10k rares this entire game. I'm the most advanced, but I won't be soon if it keeps up like this.

      Please reduce research costs. If you're like me and picked a s**t country at the beginning (resource wise) and can't seem to boost production, then you're fall behind in producing troops or researching.
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    • If you're hear to argue for a decrease in natural resources specifically for research I disagree, I'm in a game right now where goods are making it a little tougher. I would either argue for an decrease for research in all areas (approx. proportionally equal), decrease in non-core resource penalty (only 30% the core value), increase in core resources, or just do nothing at all and get over it. Those are my 4 current ideas for where this could go.
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    • Yeah, I rarely ever build brand new industrial complexes until I have an abundance in resources. At most, I rebuild a damaged one that I conquered. Usually 1 for every city. If I need to produce units faster than I can currently and am low on resources preventing me from building industrial complexes, I build militia, but I rarely ever need to. I always try to research and respond to messages before working w/ buildings and units, so I stay relatively advanced compared to everybody else. If your running low on resources, just build some infrastructure on resource producing provinces (core is best). I almost always have 3 levels of infrastructure on every special resource producing core province, and maybe 1-2 on the next ones in line if needed. Naval bases could also be used for resources if you want, but remember a short distance between capital and resource provinces allows better resource production (that's why tons of people keep capitals in their core).
      "Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak". ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War
    • Lukenick wrote:

      At most, I rebuild a damaged one that I conquered. Usually 1 for every city.

      T-3PO wrote:

      I build an industrial compex in every original capital I capture. It helps me protect my empire and have multiple key producing provinces.
      Assuming you didn't destroy the old ones entirely In every single city, there should be remnants left and it would be cheaper to do one that is very close to finished over one in the capital that need 90% work still.
      "Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak". ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War
    • Like everything, this is all about choices. Use your rares to research, build IC's, produce rockets or commando's... but you cannot do all. That's the point of a strategic game: you choose what you do and how you allocate your resources, and you can't do everything.

      As for me, I never build ANY L1 IC's unless I have a very clear surplus of rares... research is more important. And yeah, that means I can produce less units, and I live with that consequence.
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    • Hello fellow players,

      Choices indeed! I live by the code that I always build 1 new IC on whatever province that has double production and is usefull (double oil, metal or food) OR on a province that produces a resource that is scarce for me. Later on I will do the reverse. So I always build new IC on abundant and scare resource producing provinces eventualy.

      Why/when do what at the start? Build in scarce or abundant.

      - expected market failure, on some maps trading for things you need is just not an option. Being as self suficient as possible helps out a lot in that case. IC on scarce province is then my choice
      - valuable double resource, if you have double oil production and your oil production is higher than most other players you will probably be able to trade your (oil) for someone else's whatever. Producing a lot more oil is then better than producing little more of anything else. IC on abundant province in this case.
      - heavy active player environment, extra IC will help out unit production if you are unable to expand. Location/resource in province will then decide my choice.

      So for me there is always a reason to build an IC at the start. Unless maybe if I start out as Russia on a historical map :P

      If you find not being able to do research a problem, don't do it. Or do it anyways. Choices!

      Building 1 IC at the start never gives me research problems tbh.

      Kind regards,