Gold use ranking

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    • Gold use ranking

      I would like to propose a Gold use ranking.
      I have been a heavy gold user.
      I must of spent over $1000 dollars Australia on gold in all my time on CoW.
      I would justify my usage by saying to myself I will only use gold in defence, or research or industry development or or or and it would go on and on, but having played against and along side some really good players that used very little gold or none at all, I have come to realise you dont need to use gold to have a really good CoW game of strategy and tactics, provided no one gets in there and turns the game into a game of who has the biggest wallet, or the deepist pockets.
      There has been/is now and will be in the future still heaps of discussion on Gold use and yes Bytro has to make a profit.
      There is so much talk on abusing the game mechanics and how daily upkeep penelties are there to stop people building too many tanks/planes/battleships yet you can spend as much gold as you like and it is okay.
      We already have an econcomic ranking and a military ranking - I propose we have gold use ranking.
      The gold ranking/usage would be listed:-
      Total gold usage; Average game usage; last game gold usage and this game gold usage so far.
      Is gold usage cheating? If gold usage is not cheating then users like myself should not mind that their use of gold is made visible to others, especially as this game demands such a great deal of our time to play, this would allowing people to see whether a game is worthwhile committing their time too.
      Bytro could use the gold ranking to award spenders with free Bytro T-Shirts or Bytro travel mugs or Bytro A2 posters etc once you get to certain gold ranking.