Broken Resources for Yemen

    • Delete your temporary files/folders, clean your cookies and restart your browser. This is just a graphical bug, nobody is actually getting that amount of rss. If this still doesn't work, go ahead and submit a bug report in game. You can do this by clicking the cog wheel in the bottom right corner and then clicking the "bug" icon. It's literally a bug, you can't miss it.
    • It is definitely a first for me to see something so persistent, like this. One could only speculate on the scenario and reasons that trigger this bug to happen. I would definitely see if other players can see this GFX bug and also I'd like to see if the player its happening to is actually benefiting from this. Remember, there are hackers/exploiters/cheaters out there. Let's not be so quick to rule that out. If you could find out more information, I'm sure it wouldn't only satisfy our curiosity but it would make the developer's job easier in addressing this glitch.
    • Please pay no attention to the posts by Cool Breeze, as he is not a staff member and has no idea what may or may not be a bug.

      There are some countries on this event map that actually do produce more resources, such as Yemen in your example. This is not a bug or a glitch, but the way this map is. I do not believe there are presently any plans to change it during this event, but some changes may be done before the next time this map is used for an event.
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