2 suggestions

    • 2 suggestions

      1: when i see that my army has been lost i would like to get more info on what happend to that lost squad like if i click on the event then it will take me were the battle last took place and mabye tell me what enemy units were left standing.

      2: Deleteing messages is a pain to do 1 by 1 so could you let us delete whole conversations with players so im not going through a long list of messages to delete a conversation?
      Please and Thanks! :thumbsup:
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    • I agree with both of these suggestions personally.

      As an additional note, you can use the newspaper to figure out what was lost and where, but since we have notifications, why not just put it there?
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    • the notification about army lost is indeed needed. i can check which army got destroied, type it in the newspaper and found out where and when it was and figure out everything, but i can also ride a bike with tires not round and it will work too.
      what i mean is, thats not an efficent system. either clicking on the army name and show where it was or at least bring me to the exact newspaper article it would be a good addition to the game
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