Release Notes - February 19

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    • Release Notes - February 19

      Dear Generals,

      with this release we are bringing you a batch of small game improvements and bug fixes. Please see the detailed list of changes below.


      • Implemented a return button in the mobile loading screen so that players can return to the main site when the game can’t be loaded.
      • Improved usability of country chooser panel.
      • Increased size of unit selection boxes in the WebGL version so that units are easier to select.
      • Details of collected supply drops are now displayed in the event log.


      • Bugfix: Games now show their correct team settings in the games list again.
      • Bugfix: Parts of the screen no longer stay white after closing text dialogs in the mobile version.
      • Bugfix: A problem which led to games not starting with any units was resolved.
      • Bugfix: The last online time of alliance members is displayed correctly again.
      • Bugfix: A problem was resolved that led to the shop not being scrollable on some mobile devices.
      • Bugfix: The speedup button does not overlap with the radial province menu buttons in the mobile version anymore.
      • Bugfix: The coalition list is scrollable again in the mobile version.
      • Bugfix: Many overlapping unit vision circles are displayed properly again in the WebGL version.

      Another general reminder: Our weekly Event games are now always announced in the event announcement category above the news (which is also coming soon to mobile) and not in the general news anymore. Please keep an eye on them to not miss any events!

      We hope you like the changes and wish you good luck on the battlefield!

      Your Bytro Team
    • OtterFan48 wrote:

      I have a question about the game, how do you create games in COW?
      Once you reach level 11 you can create one game per month (5 games per month with a high command subscription)

      It is not currently possible to create a game using the mobile app. You will need to log in to your account on a desktop connection.
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