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      So, I have a question, mainly for the suggestions & criticism tab,

      Why are all of those old pinned threads there? Are the devs doing anything with them? Has anything actually happened since they've been written? Some of those threads have been pinned since 2015, that's 4 years ago! I just don't really know or understand why those threads are there if they aren't going anywhere.

    • They are pinned because at some point someone thought they were important.

      They remain pinned because I don't presume to know if they are important or not. If I had a lot of extra time I would like to make one comprehensive suggestion list and have people "like" each post if they approve of the suggestion. More likes would mean more chance of the game designers considering the suggestion etc.

      Sadly I don't always have as much time as I have ideas. . .
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    • Who actually pins the threads? Moderators? Devs? To be honest, many of the pinned are useful, but shouldn't every now and then we discuss which to stay on, which to put down?
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