Mentor-Student Rounds

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    • Mentor-Student Rounds

      I have an idea for a mentoring program where experienced players can volunteer to help new players learn the game.

      To qualify to be a mentor, you would need a rank of 40 and K/D ratios of at least 0.9 and 2.5.

      To qualify to be a student, you must be unqualified to be a mentor, and you must have previously joined fewer than three rounds as a student.

      Every Mentor and every Student who remains active until they are wiped out or the game ends receives a reward of 1000 Gold.

      A player who is currently active in a Mentor-Student round may not join another Mentor-Student round.

      Mentor-Student rounds are like Tutorial rounds except that they run at normal speed. This is to encourage the best players to be Mentors by reducing the intensity of their time commitment.

      Another difference is that they are team games. Countries and teams are randomly allocated and the round is starts-when-full. What should be done with the odd player (22 – 7 teams of 3 players leaves 1)? Make it AI? Make it available as an Evil Genius slot which becomes AI if the teams fill up before anyone signs up for the Evil Genius slot? (See my post of a few minutes ago for the Evil Genius suggestion.)
    • ha ha ha ha

      level 40 as a mentor

      ha ha ha ha

      Oh, I remember those days, back when I was a noob and thought reaching levels 40 and 50 would make me a star.


      Now, I admit, I'll take on a learner once in awhile. But it can also be tedious if they don't listen or aren't online often enough. There is no greater weapon in a strategy game than experience. But even the most experienced players can be wiped out by a heavy golder...or just pure bad luck. Either way, I would argue that mentoring others is a hit & miss game, at best, and a crapshoot at worst.

      But, if the staff were really interested in this idea, they'd not focus on a special gold prize, but rather make the matches gold-free.

      That's my two kroners.
      It seemed like such a waste to destroy an entire battle station just to eliminate one man. But Charlie knew that it was the only way to ensure the absolute and total destruction of Quasi-duck, once and for all.

      The saying, "beating them into submission until payday", is just golden...pun intended.

      R.I.P. Snickers <3
    • I have a better idea then that. In order to enter these mentor-student rounds, you have to spend 500 gold. If you and your mentor are in the top 10% at the end of the round, your mentor will gain that 500 gold. This will incentivize players to mentor as well as holding back fake students. Bytro might profit a bit, but more importantly this may open the doors to a larger base of supporters for the game.
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