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      The Federations Reapers (Tag is SlayR), a alliance that is returning in a different form with a completely different lineup of players. We are preparing for Alliance games, Tournaments (such as the world cup). We do internal games and private matches. Apply through this name or find us in alliances. We require a level 30 minimum BUT we can make exceptions based on your K/D, Provinces won/lost, current level, previous experience, games won. If we are full message me and we may make room, once full and if you are unable to get the requirements waiver (still possible to get if below level 30), or those who are removed or dont fit requirements at all join our close ally (Tag GRND) Grand Alliance. Thank You.

      *UPDATE* 3 spots are open currently, we will be pushing for the top spot in alliances very soon. Our current highest level player is 101. Most of us are level 40+.

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