How do I select planes on carriers?

    • Try to cross over with your mouse and when you are over planes big circle will show. then left click planes and use them like ordinary.
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    • Last week there was a change to the size of the "selection boxes" of units in the enhanced graphics, which had the side effect of making the carrier selection box overlap the plane selection box rather awkwardly. That should be fixed somewhat with the next update, and more so in a few weeks.

      When you click on the carrier it does show a grayed out shadow of the planes on board, but there has never been a method to select the planes this way. The planes aren't really a part of the carrier, they are just perched on top.

      So to select the planes you have to find the point where the planes are highlighted and then click. It does help if the carrier is moving, rather than stationary.

      There are many alternate methods of selecting units when directly clicking on them is ineffective:

      You may hold down the right mouse button and circle the area to select the units. This will make a gray shadow and select all the units in the loop. In the case of planes: Having the circle include the airbase or carrier they are stationed from is necessary. You will then need to use the split command to separate the planes from the carrier or units at the airfield.

      Or, If you make a note of the unit designations, such as AB12, you should be able to use Ctrl + f to locate and select the units with the designation.

      Or, The units can be selected by cycling through the units with the left and right arrow keys until the desired unit is found.
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