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    Who do I talk to about frontline pioneer issues as I think the system is being retarded as it says ive been inactive for 4 weeks when I was only a frontline pioneer for a week and was only inactive for 3 days due to work. I couldn't get into any games either as can be seen in another thread i was in which I am still waiting for a reply from.
  • Frontline pioneers are the beta testers. This is not intended to be a bug free experience, and issues with games are a frequent occurrence. There are frequent issues with games and maps, and about the only thing to do is try again later. There are updates to the beta server done sometimes several times per day.

    Upon joining the frontline pioneer group you need to join a game within the first 7 days, or your slot is opened for another player who may be more active. Your activity in regular games is not sufficient to keep you in the frontline program, you need to join Beta games. When you are not active in a beta game for 4 weeks, or don't join one within 7 days of accepting the frontline offer, then your membership expires and another player is recruited to fill your space. I am sure that the same message of inactivity is used for both cases and is not customized.

    While there were issues joining beta games with country selection last Sunday and Monday those problems were sorted out by mid week. There is not a news release or posting for but fixes on beta games as that would take a significant amount of time. For issues with frontline games simply report them with a bug report from within the game, or for these type of issues here in the forum, and try again later to see if it has been fixed.

    If you still wish to be a frontline pioneer the offer will come around again when more slots open up in the program. There is a limited number of frontline members due to server capacity.
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