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    • Logical...

      >> Productivity of resources and money is affected by provinces morale. Lower morale = lower profit.
      Provinces morale will negatively influenced, among some other circumstances, by wars and neighboring hostile provinces and by own neighbor provinces with morale below 71% ..

      .. so you should try to increase morale again -- for more details about moral system and resources, click here:

      >> forum.callofwar.com/index.php?thread/21166-complete-guide-to-rebellions-and-province-morale <<

      >> forum.callofwar.com/index.php?thread/12823-what-is-the-best-way-to-increase-production-of-resources <<

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    • AGoldFighter wrote:

      I am currently owning 2 oil provinces, but one is surrounded by a country that I am at war with, and from around 2.5k its dropped to 250 amounts of oil per day
      The numbers for the oil province that is surrounded don't sound right. 250/2,500=10/100=10% morale. Upgrading infrastructure would increase oil production and morale. Upgrading industrial complexes would increase oil production. If morale is lower than 100, upgrading fortifications would improve morale which improves oil production.
    • There is also a difference in production between Core and Non-core provinces.

      The provinces in your core country produce at the full rate, so 2500 sounds fair, although a bit low. Likely it would produce 3,000 at full 100% morale

      If you capture a province from someone else it is not your core province. The population of that province will only ever work 25% as hard for you as they did for their home country.

      So 25% of 3,000 is 750, so that is the expected production at 100% morale, without structural improvement.
      A newly conquered province will have 25% morale at first, and slowly rising. So a production rate of 250 makes perfect sense for a non-core province that you recently captured.

      As the others have said, make improvements and raise the morale of the province, although investing in your CORE province first is much wiser.

      Your core province that produces 2500 could produce 6,000 once you build up to a level 3 infrastructure and a level 5 industrial complex with morale nearing 100%.

      The non core province will max out at 1500 with the same improvements, so a core province is 4 times more valuable.
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