Changing Country Name + Flag

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    • Changing Country Name + Flag


      You know how when you play the 100 player map, there are countries like "West Yakutia" and "North Argentina"? These countries still keep their regional variant(North, East, South, West) even after they conquer the world. I mean, why are you North Argentina, when there IS no more South Argentina? So I propose this new name change feature. Here's how it would work(hypothetically).

      First, there are a few rules you must follow.

      1) The name of your country must be appropriate according to the CoW guidelines.
      2) The name of your country must make sense. If you are Germany, you shouldn't be allowed to change your name to Kyrgyzstan.
      3) It cannot be a name that is already in use.

      Also, you can only change your name if-

      -You fulfill a certain amount of VP- for example, you need 150 VP to name change(this way, you can't immediately change your name)
      -You are in the top 3/5/10/etc in your game(this way, there is only a certain number of people who can change name at any given time)
      -You can change your name twice per game

      How would the name changes be moderated, though? Easy answer- the game admin. The game admin is basically a ceremonial role- in computer-generated games, you can't do anything as game admin. The game admin would, under these new rules, have the power to change anybody's name if it is inappropriate. If anyone abuses the admin power, they would be punished accordingly. If someone has an inappropriate name and the admin does nothing, players can also report if necessary.

      I also thought of another possibility for aesthetic changes in the game- the ability to change your flag. What happens is Bytro designs a series of national flags that can only be unlocked through gameplay. Two ways this could be implemented are:

      A) They are unlocked, like achievements, from playing on certain maps. Take the 100p map, for example. You start out as Ontario, and you successfully conquer all the Canadian provinces(Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Yukon, Saskatchewan, BC, Alberta). As your reward, you can unlock a Canadian flag, which you can switch to anytime you're playing a 100p map and you pick one of the Canadian nations as your starting country.
      B) "Flag pieces" are found in supply drops, like blueprints. When all pieces are assembled, a flag is unlocked that can be used for whenever you play as certain countries. For example, if you unlock all pieces of the, say, American flag, you can use it whenever you play as a nation that is correlated to the USA.

      Of course, there would also be an option to purchase flags for gold.

      These new aesthetic ideas are personally some of the ideas I'm praying gets passed for the most, because it earns Bytro money but isn't a pay-to-win. Thoughts?
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      Moderating all those players wanting to name their country "Rob's playground", "Auschwitz", or "Candy Store 2002" would be an enormous effort on an already overburdened staff. Any idea how much work moderating coalition names is?
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      Even if the names that you could change your country to were only including Bytro-approved country names and Bytro-approved country flags. So some names you could change it to (as long as they're relevant) is names of larger countries/regions. So if you start as Sao Paulo, you can rename to Brazil, that is once you pass the threshold and all other Brazilian nations are completely gone.

      So if censoring custom names is the issue, just give players a list of country names and flags they can select for their nation (they may vary from one nation to another, and may include requirements). Even if this is only allowed on the larger 50+ player maps (provided you must be in the top 5 starting at day 10), I think it may be an interesting idea to implement. Hey, if you want, you can charge some 1000 gold for renaming your country/changing flags to gain some profits.
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      even tho the idea of making the country change in respect of a standard preapproved identity by a certain ammount of region is nice i cant see this huge mechanic acctually be added....and im just thinking here as i play north mexico or queensland or south india and i conquer other defacto region so to form mexico, australia or india that will change it to the new flag+name, therefor no human interaction to control and avoiding the problem of not allowed names like "cat :P smasher69 or lovemylolita12 or hitlerdidntdonothing1488" or whatever they can come up with :cursing: which as rokossovski pointed out would be a nightmare to check. i dont see bytro acutally wanting to waste time with this(i assume) huge mechanic just for the sake of a different atmosphere.... i rest with doing such consideration on roleplaying in the newspaper and just call myself as that country and be done with it :thumbsup: