Ideas for new Units

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    • Ideas for new Units

      I know that this has been tried before, and I know that people aren't particularly fond of new units, but hear me out; I've been thinking about this for a while.

      Onto the units!

      Research Requirements:
      Level 2 infantry
      Level 1 tactical bomber
      Building requirements:
      Level 1 air base
      Level 1 barracks
      Industrial complex
      On land: {
      4 attack, 4 defense (infantry)
      1 attack, 1 defense (armor)
      0 attack, 2 defense (air)
      0 attack, 1 defense (navy)
      Plains - no increase/decrease
      Hills/forest/jungle - 25% increase in strength
      Mountains - 75% increase in strength
      Urban - 25% decrease in strength
      Navy - convoy unit
      10 hit points}

      In the air:
      As an air convoy unit, paratroopers would not be capable of fighting. These troops would be extremely vulnerable to anti-air guns and interceptors.
      Units would still bare 10 hit points.
      Units, on land, move about as fast as infantry.
      In order to deploy paratroopers, units must be stationed at an airfield. From that airfield, units can be deployed anywhere within 500 km of said airfield within 20 minutes. (Roughly the range of a higher level interceptor I do believe)
      units can land on ANY territory, be it friend or foe, but MUST land on the actual provincial point, not on a path leading to that province. (Think of bombarding areas with rockets.)
      50 food, 50 goods, 25 oil


      Motor Torpedo Boat
      Research requirements:
      Destroyer level 3
      Submarine level 3
      Building requirements:
      Naval Base level 2
      Industrial complex
      Cannot bombard.
      3 defense vs infantry
      .5 defense vs armor
      1 defense vs air
      10 attack, 5 defense vs Navy (torpedoes are deadly man)
      3 attack, 3 defense vs Submarines (some boats were armed with mines)
      Movement speed: ~150 km/h
      5 hit points
      50 goods, 75 oil, 25 RM


      National Guard
      Ok, this isn't a new unit. It's just a new name for the militia. Please?


      If you don't like it, that's fine. If you despise the layout, don't worry, I do to. This is just my first real post in a while. If you're wondering, yes, MTBs are real, and really existed during WWII. Think of them as speedboats with a machine gun (or two) and a couple of high explosive torpedoes on either side of the boat.