after death province exchange

    • after death province exchange

      ok, im in a game and there are lots of player that cheese the game and help each other after their ally is death. im gonna explain it: ive notice that i made war with someone, they got only one province and clearly lost, but before i can conquer them completly they got a province far away from me to stay in game from another player that claims its their friend, doing this to reduce my morale and resoruce and keep getting armies and resorce from them, obviusly ive already declared that the helper is going down no worries but i try to make the region of the loser to rebel with spies and did it twice already now but they keep an exchange of region after the loser is out of the game :wallbash
      apart of being so petty and annoying isnt this, you know illegal on exchanges? at the end they keep giving a region for worthless amount :?:
    • Everyone has to try it once to survive with one province and emerge victorious. It doesn't work and we all know it, but they still want to try.

      You might coax them into peace for a time until you are in a position to finish them off. :)
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