Paratroopers are coming!

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    • AK140 wrote:

      I'm one of the frontline pioneer, haven't got the chance to test it yet, but i state my opinion. For i believe adding useless unit is a work for the sake of adding a work. It wont add anything new, most likely just generate more outcry from those who wanted paratroopers. Mind you, i'm more of advocate realistic and practicality of war into the game, the paratrooper idea sounds interesting, but if it's going to be so useless, they shouldn't have added it in the first place and instead focus on more important things.
      Neither of us knows if it is useless or not. If it is, perhaps some balancing can be done to make it less useless. Same for if it is to OP. It will most definately add something new, like is said in the original post it will be a very niche kind of unit. It could still be fun to use/defend against in some cases. As long as it is neither useless nor OP it can have a place in the game. One of the things that will need testing will be the cooldown, if it is the case that 95% of para's get killed while the cooldown for movement is not over yet, it needs to be shorter. If it turns out that para's manage to conquer multiple cities or the capitol 95% of the time they are used than perhaps the cooldown should be longer. Testing should make clear what a good balance will be.

      If you consider the for and against camps on the whole paratrooper subject I have always been somewhat conservative. I have made many posts on this in the '' On paratroopers thread '' in the suggestion/criticism part of the forum. I have stated there that I think it would unbalance the game, unless the para's had certain restrictions. No one seemed to want any restrictions though for the sake of game balance there have to be. Problem is that most players that advocate the use of para's wanted to do ridiculous things with them. From what I can tell many things have been taken into account to keep balance. As long as it can both be useful and defended against things will be fine.

      Its a game, realism goes only so far in favor of fun. I am happy that Bytro choses to add a unit that many players asked for. It makes the game more fun and strategy even deeper. As long as there is balance the game won't break. Gives me hope that one day rocket artillery will make its debut :P

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    • In my opinion you should make maps with them and without them so people can choose what kind of map they prefer to play.
      "Then, when you run out of ammunition and the enemy continues to advance - to the bayonet, when they break your knife - to your hands, when they break both of your hands - to your teeth, when you get the last tooth knocked out, as long as you move, as long you are there - attack! When they mortally wound you, see to it that you fall in their way, so they have to go around you, jump over you or move you - bother them even in death!" speech of lieutenant Tasic before battle of Cer 1914.
    • Info for all no Beta-Tester:
      The Paras can only attack on enemy ground. You can't land on a free road, you need to take the center of the province or a direct attack to a enemy unit. It's more like using a Rocket, fire and forget - the long cooling time makes them very hard to use...

      ... but we are at the beginning of the test phase!

      Here a screenshot from the US version of the paras over Sweden. :thumbsup:

      Would you like to play with your friends in a game where gold is banned?

      Watch for the next season starts in September!
    • Don't understand why they're not allowed to land on a empty spot anywhere on the road. Would that have been more difficult to implement??
      Otherwise I propose they should be able to do so. That's how they operated in real life - land on an unguarded spot in empty territory to have a safe landing, then move by foot to their target.

      Of course if you gave them this ability, the other restrictions must be very strong to keep them balanced.
      I imagine production costs to be much higher than for regular infantry. Training time also longer. And I don't see why they should have better combat values than regular infantry.

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    • in terms of combat power i hope the major limitation of paras lacking heavy weapons is recognised: yes the inf value should be elite but their AA and AT values should be militia level to reflect their lack of heavy weapons. the times that paras failed in their operation - arnhem and dneiper bend - was when the para unforunately and unexpected came into contact with armored forces.

      Thinking about the main use of paras in WW2 opens up the issue of a very significant terrane feature currently missing off the maps - major rivers. Use of paras by germans at Corinth Canal in 41, the soviets at dneiper bend in 43 and british at arnhem in 44 were all dropped to secure passage over significant river/canal features that can impede armored forces in particular!

      how about adding major rivers along provinces boundaries and make it like attking into a city penalty to move across that boundary and attk the enemy in the opposing province? dropping paras onto the other side means the crossing units would then become reinforcments and not suffer the penalty to recreate one of the main uses of paras? would not need heaps of rivers - just the really big ones. like lower rhine, lower danube, dneiper, don and volga as the main ones in europe? these would actually help players align defences and foritifications along such natural boundaries which is what historically happened.
    • Hans A. Pils wrote:

      Don't understand why they're not allowed to land on a empty spot anywhere on the road. Would that have been more difficult to implement??
      My guess is that they use the same exact targeting rules as atomic bombers.

      So yes, writing different targeting rules specific for this unit would be a lot more work.
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