Paratroopers are coming!

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    • I honestly think that implementing a unit in Call of War that is to OP and make someone a winner every time is almost impossible. I used to think that airplanes had a certain OP status in CoW, but I must say that their HP reduction from 25 to 20 and their increased oil use clipped their OP status. It by no means makes airplanes useless, it is now however simply more rewarding NOT to make nothing else but aircraft. Airplanes themselves and their requirements are to expensive to build in masses and maintenance is to high to keep them in masses. Their stat changes made for a really good change in the meta of the game.

      A unit like a paratrooper that has a unique mechanic would be the same. If its mechanics and stats are balanced into the game correctly it can be a lot of fun.

      I think CoW is as balanced as it has ever been. I rarely ever see anyone pull of a successful LT rush anymore because something like the TD puts a certain stop to this strategy. Most players I encounter now a days have mixed units, even most of the rookies.

      Some might say that ranged units are somewhat OP since they can deal damage without being hit but I highly disagree. Ranged weaponry may have a tactical advantage, but they need heavy economical support. Artillery costs a lot of manpower that is probably better spent on troops that cost less in the early game. Building 16 arty means you did not build 25 ligtht tanks for that amount of manpower. Also their power output is underwhelming on early levels and they need protection from tank rushes and aircraft. Railroad guns then? Same as artillery, very low power output for spending 1500 manpower. On top of this they become the center of the army. Their slow speed means they need support and thus that you need a lot of support troops to maintain both your RRG and your front line. Like artillery, the RRG is a big investment in manpower and support. Then the SP artillery? Low manpower cost, check, but it costs oil both initially and in upkeep as well as quite some metal. AND their SBDE total is only 6. Meaning that if you want to have an effective army, you also need a lot of support yet again. Perhaps you can counter the support issue by keeping all your ranged units in only 1 place, but that means you are easily outflanked. I think ranged weapons in CoW are the peak of balancing between economy, tactics, game mechanics and strategy. It makes the game truly wonderful for a strategy lover like myself.

      My point in all is this, a unit can be tactically good. Great even. But its relation to economy/cost, needed support and possibility of counters can still make a unit balanced. I think ranged weaponry in CoW is a great example of this.

      I am positive that paratroopers will end up being the exact same after some testing and tweaking.

      Good luck and have fun beta testers!
    • The whole point of paras is to bypass ground defenses and drop some troops behind the lines (hopefully unnoticed). This adds a complication for constructing front line defensive positions. Players are challenged to adjust their planning to include a strategic element used by RL generals in WWII. As long as they are well balanced, it won’t break the game.

      Atomic bombers? Why couldn’t paras be targeted to any road point just like land units?