New Unit- Nuclear Artillery

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    • New Unit- Nuclear Artillery

      New Nuclear Artillery unit
      Based off US “Atomic Annie” Artillery Gun

      lvl 4 Artillery
      Railroad gun
      Nuclear bomb lvl 4
      Nuclear reactor
      Industrial complex lvl 1
      Infrastructure lvl 3

      16 Km/h land
      Same range as railroad gun
      No decent defense against any units
      Consumes 300 RM/D, 100 Oil/D
      Slow attack, every attack causes a nuclear explosion.
      Will not fire at or near friendly territory or troops

      Nuke specs:
      Deals a large amount of damage to all units
      800 attack vs naval
      1000 attack vs infantry
      400 attack vs armored
      300 attack vs air
      10 attack vs submarine
      Very small radius compared to other nukes- about the size of a city


      1: Ammo amount
      The gun has a limited ammo supply. When it runs out of ammo it needs to return to a friendly province with a nuclear reactor and industrial complex (There is a cool down). This adds a few counters like espionage (damage reactor- no rearming) or strategic bombers
      2:Destroys after certain amount of uses (Not recommended)
      3: Being destroyed by air or naval attacks causes it to explode and deal its full damage to its army and everything around it (including buildings)
    • HRoulain wrote:

      Atomic Annie wasn't deployed until the Korean War and it was already a piece of garbage by that time. No thanks.
      realism doesnt matter. we didnt had nuclear sub or nuclear battleship either in ww2
      You merely adopted the shitposting. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see a proper post until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!
    • I think the idea is a nuclear railroad gun, that does say 1/10th the damage of an atomic bomber every hour. Make the atomic artillery upgradable from levels 1 to 3 and mimic the 1/10th damage of each level of atomic bomber. A level 3 would be quite powerful against late game entrenched large stacks.

      If you are going to have a rares upkeep that should be large enough that it does not need to rearm. Like 10,000 rares a day, and this is the ammunition supply. Limitless use In that scenario.

      Maybe a 5 kilometer blast radius instead of 50.

      As an artillery man, this is the new unit that I want. If we can have paratroopers we can have this.
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    • JCS Darragh wrote:


      > paratroopers, just dudes who can jump out of planes
      > literal artillery piece that fires nuclear shells which can make anything go bye-bye and leave nothing left to bury
      Yeah I have to agree with you there JCS Darragh. There seems to be quite a difference between something like a paratrooper and nuclear artillery.

      To be honest I'm not a huge fan of nuclear weapons at all in CoW. Its like the whole game is fun and plays a certain way and then BAM! Some players get to spam nukes because they have a lot of rares saved up.

      I think something like rocket artillery would be better for the game. A katyusha truck that shoots far, between normal and RRG range, maybe for making it harder to aim also have a minimum range. Could do a LOT of damage to buildings, morale and perhaps infantry but not so much armor and has a loooong reload time. Then also have no defenses and a rare metal upkeep (they were secret technology when introduced in WWII).
    • Edepedable wrote:

      I think something like rocket artillery would be better for the game.
      My gosh YES! I've always wanted MRLs! I've even suggested this before!
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