Disabling/Enabling the airfiled and infrastructure

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    • Disabling/Enabling the airfiled and infrastructure

      When u go on the city list and select ALL and choose to make tanks for exemple, is impossible now to choose where the tanks can be build... so on a big map, you must then chech manually every city that is far away from the front line so you cancel the tank production and start making planes, cause planes can reach fron line much faster then the tanks....

      So i sugest we have a disable/enable oprtion like we have for baracks and harbours, option that will affect just the unit production and not the other bonus that the building have. It will be a great option for the maps with 50-100 players when your land si vast...

      What you think?
    • He wants to be able to disable infrastructure so when he mass produces tanks, he can prevent that mass production from occurring in certain provinces, (i.e., one equipped with infrastructure, airfield, and industrial complex).

      "Build tanks in all provinces that can build tanks, else, build aircraft."

      I don't have a huge problem with this, except for...

      "that will affect just the unit production and not the other bonus that the building have."

      Come on, guy. You trying to pull something over on me? You can't turn off a building AND keep the bonuses it provides.
    • You can summarize provinces on the map and then give a production command for all them at the same time.
      This allows you to at least narrow down the area where you want to build, for example, in a specific front section.

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    • Are you a mobile user Zimbrisor?

      On desktop there are plenty of ways to select only the provinces you want. The provinces can be grouped by continent or in some cases sections of continent.

      If you have a high command subscription you can filter provinces further, although that doesn’t exactly accomplish what you wish.

      You can also use the selection loop tool.

      When you hold down the right mouse button you can make a shadow loop on the map, and this selects all the units inside the loop.

      When you press the ctrl key before making a shadow loop this will instead select all the provinces within the loop.
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