nice while it lasted

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    • Skill and teamwork are important in any game. The 50v50 requires more teamwork than others for sure. If your teammates are giving up before giving 100%, then they have given up too soon.

      With good teamwork my team can beat nearly anyone ;)
      War is a game that is played with a smile. If you can't smile, grin. If you can't grin keep out of the way til you can. - Winston Churchill

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    • FUNGUS_TE_FIRST wrote:

      believe me we are trying, but its hard to be enthusiastic about a game where a suspected gold spammer is invading anything they wish
      DUDE same thing 100 player map. I was all for teamwork, and I rah rah rah this chant I got the entire map to put away their differences and focus on one alliance, but there are some gold users one which I am currently dealing with who literally just keeps buying units until the force you took lets say 3 weeks building is dead... then you muster over 3 days a small army to challenge one of his forces and POOF a whole new army appears to kill you.

      Someone completely devoid of skill made this map no fun.

      I am in agreement, I sadly cannot find a silver lining to this map and now my so far perfect win record is broken because someone with no skill bought his way to the top. I will play it to the end, maybe I can still win... but now my shift is straight survival. I am firmly in agreement some sort of cap to gold usage needs to be enacted. I know it is counter to making money. I understand that and that is why nothing is done. I just hope this doesn't take away my desire to play other maps. I survived one gold user and it was a major high point, this is likely my lowest low point in this game.
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