Dealing with Elite AI Questions

    • Dealing with Elite AI Questions

      So I started a solo game as North USA and attacked in order: South USA, Canada, France, then Spain I watched as my relations with the rest of the world shifted to embargo but then I was shocked when the first AI country declared war on me and it was Luxemburg. Something is odd with their algorithm when a single unit, single province country declares war on someone who is 140 times their size.

      However the additional weirdness is that AFTER they declare war on me, I when to squash their unit and I get a message that if I attack them then my standing in the world will go down. WHAT? They declare war on me and If I then bring the war to them my reputation goes down?

      This makes no sense. Is it a bug?
    • no, elite AI is supposed be similar to real wolrd, or at least not brain dead like regular AI, so if in all your match you invade a country without declaring war first the AI knows that(there is a hidden stat in your account that also delay the amount of time the AI gives you row and peace) and at first it embargos you, then declare war on you...starting with your closest neighbor.
      i dont think the AI decision making on declaring is with a purpose(IE: its random) so lucky you luxemburg declared first as a punishment war to try and stop you..... obviusly like real world if the punishing army get whipe the rest of the world would still give you even more stink eye ;)