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    • Marshal Toad's Starter Guide

      Marshal Toad's Starter Guide

      This is a short guide for both new and experienced players of Call of War to read and use.
      Note that this is how I personally play the game and does not mean it is the best or the worst.
      Please also note that this guide is designed for the 22 player map, however can be used for other maps as well.
      This guide also assumes that no gold has been used to accelerate your construction and purchase resources.

      Day 1

      Infantry Lvl 1
      Armoured Car Lvl 1
      Light Tank Lvl 1

      Barracks Lvl 1 in all cities
      Infrastructure Lvl 1 in all resource producing provinces and cities.
      Optional: Naval Base Lvl 1 may be constructed in port cities to increase resource production, however it is not necessary

      5 Infantry

      It is highly recommended that you attack a bordering/nearby A.I. nation. Most A.I. nations have 4-6 provinces with 1 infantry unit in each province and an armoured car unit with infantry in its city, however exceptions due apply. Group 10 infantry units and 2 armoured car units into two groups of 5 infantry and 1 armoured car unit. The rest of your military should be grouped into small clusters of 2-3 infantry accompanied with the few anti-aircraft units. Note there should be an emphasis on your cities, especially those bordering player countries as well as key choke-points.

      Day 2

      Artillery Lvl 1
      Submarine Lvl 1

      Naval Base Lvl 1 in at least one of your port cities, two is recommended.
      Industrial Complex Lvl 2 in all of your cities or as many as possible.
      Optional: Infrastructure Lvl 2 may be constructed in key resource producing provinces such as a double oil province, however it is not necessary. Build it if you believe it is necessary, but keep it mind it is quite expensive.

      5 Light Tanks

      By now you should have conquered an A.I. nation by now and communicated with another country to be a potential ally. This is when you should look for a potential target that is a player. First thing to notice is how active your potential country is. Check his cities and provinces to see if he has built any buildings as well as the Newspaper for any activity. If your potential target is in a war, look at the articles stating his causalities and roughly estimate how many units he has left. Also check the player's statistics, what level is he? how many games has he won? is he in an alliance? If the player is lvl 10 and has been in 15 games, winning none, he is a very potential target. Don't forget to check if he is in a coalition and with who as they may become enemies once war is declared. Ask yourself are they likely to help him and if so how long will it take? Finally check what resources the country offers and compare it to yours. If you only possess 1 oil province and the potential target only offers 1 oil province, reconsider your decision. However note that attacking an inferior and experienced country that offers little resources to your needs is a far better choice than attempting to invade an experienced and well prepared nation that does offers the necessary resources.

      Once you have decided your target it is now time to group up your military units. It is recommended that you separate your forces into two main groups, one being the primary group where the initial thrust into the opponent country will occur and the other a secondary group where it will raid the enemy country as well as disrupting its forces. You should also consider the landscape and terrain of the country and where the initial thrust will occur. Remember to have some units defending your country.

      Day 3

      Interceptor Lvl 1
      Anti-Air/Anti-Tank Lvl 1

      Air Base Lvl 1 in at least one of your cities, two is recommended.
      Industrial Complex Lvl 3 in all of your other cities.
      Industrial Lvl 2 in one of your food and oil producing province if possible.

      3-4 Artillery
      1-2 Submarines

      Preparation to attack your selected country should be done. Your light tanks should be close to finishing and will engage your selected country in the next day. When you do attack it is highly recommended that you do so that you attack when your opponent is inactive. If this is not possible you must capture territory quickly and efficiently. Attempt to capture at least 2 cities, preferably the capital to provide a 10% boost to all previously captured territory. and secure your conquered territory. Assume to be counterattacked and prepare for engagement. Also remember to group your units as your opponent will have a 15% boost due to it being their homeland. Use your interceptor to gather intelligence and troop movement if possible. There is a chance that your opponent has put research into Artillery, if so it is imperative to attack and destroy that artillery unit. This is where your secondary force comes in. The secondary force will be comprised of 2 armoured cars. Their primary objective will be to raid the enemy territory, diverting attention from your main attack group as well as neutralising artillery and other high value targets such as anti-air units and lone infantry.

      For now this guide is done. It is not perfect however captures the essence of the early game and your primary goals during this time period. A final note, it is highly recommended that you ally yourself with a gold user if possible due to their ability to produce units at an accelerated rate. If you do successfully ally yourself with a gold user don't forget to request some forces to bolster your army. With a bit of luck they will accept and you may receive units that will be extremely valuable in the early game. Finally if you have any opinions/ideas of improvements of this starter guide please post it below and I will make a revised version of this guide in the future.

      Thank you
      -Marshal Toad
    • Lawrence Czl wrote:

      I do anti-tank a lot earlier because it is a short research time and anti-tanks help against single armored car or light tank attacks which some players like to use. The anti tanks slow them down.
      Yes I agree. I see no point in training additional infantry since you start with 20 of them. Its the most expensive unit in manpower for both purchase and upkeep. Manpower is in short supplies early game, better to train something you do not have yet.
    • That's a guide for a real slow starter... on day one, your second research slot is empty (inf and armored cars only take a few minutes). They should be occupied at all times, even making sure techs don't finish when you're offline for a long time (sleep especially). Interceptors are started way too late; you should have bombers in the air asap.

      My usual start:
      Day 1:
      inf 1, AC 1, AT 1 in less than an hour.
      Then start artillery 1 and interceptor 1
      Construction: all cities barracks-1, then infra in all cities except one, start an air base there.
      Production: mix of infantry and AT
      Market: buy all goods available, and 1-3k rares. Sell food if money is short.

      Day 2:
      When researches finish, start light tanks 1 and tac bombers 1
      Producton: all-out artillery in the infra cities; interceptor in the one who only built an air base
      Construction: 2x AB-2, rest factories

      Day 3:
      submarine 1, infantry 2 if available, otherwise AA-1 in between
      Production: tac bombers at the two air bases finishing, interceptors if they're not (quite) ready yet. More artillery in infra cities, maybe switch to light tanks depending on situation (big artillery battery is GOOD early on)
      Construction: more factories
      When the enemy is driven back, we have failed. When he is cut off, encircled and dispersed, we have succeeded. - Aleksandr Suvorov.
    • I disagree with the bombers as fast in the air as possible. Tacbombers are ubderwhelming untill they hit level 3, maybe use them at level 2 if really needed. Before this they are just to expensive for the amount of damage they do in my opinion. That you have to spend resources on airfields also does not help their mobility early in.

      Interceptors could be useful since they are low manpower cost anti-air. Manpower is rare if you are building arty.