Pinned Quickstarter: how to play in the first vital days of the game

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    • Quickstarter: how to play in the first vital days of the game

      I've met a lot of players, lower and higher levels who are struggling with the different components of the game from the start. I wrote a quickstarter that will help you to play as efficient as possible the first eight days of the game to give you a head start:

      1) The first thing you do when the game starts is buy all the goods and steel you can on the market. They are cheap now and you will need them. Also buy the rare resources cheaper than 10 a unit.

      2) Knowledge tree: knowledge is really important in this game because it gives your troops more strength. In the infantry branch start with researching infantry, then anti tank, then artillery. I prefer not invest in militia because they cost a lot of manpower, have a high daily upkeep and low offensive strength. In the armor branch research armored car and light tank. Don't produce or invest in armored cars because they are weak. Go for the tanks.

      3) Construction:
      - Start with building barracks in every Core territory that has an Industry Center. They will provide a 10% increase in manpower production and 25% increase in unit production speed.

      - Build infrastructure where you have industrial complexes, you need them to produce artillery and tanks. Build also infrastructure in the provinces that give resources. Infrastructure level 3 produces 50% more in that province.

      - Don't build industrial complexes because they are expensive, update them! The higher the level of an industrial complex the faster your troops train. An industrial complex level 5 also gives you 50% extra resource production.

      4) Troops: don't train infantry as you start allready with enough of them but try to diversify so build 5 anti tank (this is perfect to attack armored vehicles and as defensive unit). When the anti tank are trained you will have researched artillery and your infrastructure will be build. Now produce 5 artillery and thereafter 5 tanks. Congrats you will have the biggest army on day 4.

      5) Attack AI: on day 2 you can attack AI (computer players) make two groups of 3 infantry and one armored vehicle and attack. You have now 8 units in attack, the other units you use to defend your cities and important resource provinces. Know that with each country you are in war with your moral drops with 5% up to a maximum of 25% if at war with more than 5 players.

      6) Attack players: on day 4 you will have 5 tanks, 5 anti tanks and 5 artillery. You are now ready to attack a player. if he hasn't done the exact same thing like you, he will overrun.

      !!!Before you attack a player click on the "I" in the diplomacy menu to see the level and the stats of that player. If he is a good player you might want him as an ally rather then an enemy!!!

      When you want to play agressive you can attack a player on day one. Just make sure that you take out his cities before he has trained his first infantries. Know that all the industrial complexes will be severely damaged when they are not level 2 yet.

      7) On day 4 you have to upgrade the infantry knowledge straight away. By now everything in the armor and infantry brand is researched. If you have a coastline research submarines, they are perfect to attack embarked troops at sea and to protect your coastal provinces. Research fighters they are perfect to protect your ground units against tactical bomber attacks. Resarch tactical bombers, a stack of 5 of them together with fighter planes as protection will be a huge difference in battles against troops that have not anti air cannons to protect them.

      8) Day 8 is crucial, your industrial complexes and infrastructure should be level 2 by now so you can build medium tanks and tank destroyers. Now you should be upping your barracks to level 2 to build motorised infantry. Your airbases should be level two too by now and you should have tactical bombers trained in the past 8 days.
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    • "Know that all the industrial complexes will be destroyed when they are not level 2 yet."

      You meant badly damaged.
      Often the AI will start level 2 industrial complex, So, sometimes it is better to wait some hours before attacking an AI. If the AI started a L2 industrial complex, then the repair cost of the industrial complex can be a lot less. You have to weigh that against other considerations.
    • Yes, of course. That's why i wrote to start attacking AI earliest at day two so that you can conquer an industrial complex that is not destroyed/severely damaged and needs a lot of resources to be repaired. This isn't interesting as a non core province only gives you 25% of the production so it takes 4 times longer to have a return of investment.
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    • Sometimes you will also find that the AI just does not upgrade their Industrial complexes, which is annoying as well.

      I prefer to leave the AI if I can. I choose targets starting with the most dangerous to me first. This has the added bonus that the more active players nearby which are the dangerous ones are at least slightly likely to have upgraded their buildings.

      On a 100 player map it is not uncommon for me to have left several minor AI countries completely alone on my home continent. This gives me the opportunity in the later stages of the game to capture an enemy capital AND a minor AI capital on the same day, which is a real boost to overall province morale.
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    • BMfox wrote:

      Don't produce or invest in armored vehicles because they are weak. Go for the tanks.
      Point of order - a TANK is an armored vehicle. I'm sure you meant Armored Cars.

      Also - you missed the absolute very first step in Construction! Build BARRACKS in every Core territory that has an Industry Center. They will provide a 10% increase in manpower production and 25% increase in unit production speed.
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