Invading large countries

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    • Invading large countries

      So i am in this game where i play as UK and 70% of the players are inactive. I started the USSR campaign with my former ally Germany (he went inactive) and i have a problem: the invasion simply takes too long. Here is why:
      We must clear this fact: it is important o say that i have much more divisions on my side and resources. But my garrison troops suck. I cant move troops for 2 provinces, because the one that i already passed and occupied starts rebelions and they return to the ussr. If i keep a 2 militias or 1 infantry (which is my tactic to keep the rebels shut), i would lose the valuable manpower over time. If i go province by province, it takes too long to go from Minsk to the Pacific. Does anyone have any tips for me? Sorry for the long text, i wanted to clear the problem. :wallbash :wallbash :wallbash
    • Anti air are the most cost effective unit for rebellion suppression in my opinion. In most cases a single level 2 or higher AA will completely prevent rebellions except in mountain provinces.

      I really dislike moving my capital closer to the front for morale development due to the economic production losses in core provinces that result from the morale drop. However in some cases it makes a big difference in how quickly morale stabilizes at the front lines. This will allow the morale to rise out of the danger of rebellion zone after the first day change, and allow you to move your forces forward. Always time to start moving just as soon as daychange has happened, and plan for occupation of all captured provinces within the 24 hours.

      Of course capturing a capital is another good tactic if you can surge through a lot of provinces in a hurry and then grab a capital just before a day change.

      For more, read my >> Complete guide to morale and rebellions
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    • 1) Capturing a capital raises morale in all of your provinces by 10% except for the captured capital. As Vorion said, if you can capture a lot of provinces and then grab a capital near day change, you often won't have a risk of rebellion. You can often do this by killing any defenders first. Then you capture later with a ground unit.
      2) One infantry or two militia will reduce the risk of rebellion but not necessarilly to zero. At 25% morale, you need 7 ground unit points (for most units attack points; for AA/SP AA defence points). So, if a rebellion succeeds, then your units would change sides. You can have a unit near the province center to recapture instead of keeping units in the province center.
      3) Not all provinces are important. The enemies core provinces are more important than non-cores. Capturing or bombarding them weakens your enemy since that lowers the morale if they would rebel back to their owner.
      4) Provinces that can build troops are more important than those that can't. Each province that the enemy loses that had a potential of building units hurts the enemy. Provinces that produce key resources like food are more important than those that don't produce resources.
      %) The magic number is to get/keep province morale at or above 30%. This usually isn't hard till you are far away from your capital.
    • There used to be a way to ask the other players to quit but of course I cannot find it on my 22 player map, I think enough have to be inactive to do it. Check the newspaper if the option is there at the bottom. If so you can ask the other players to end the game by selecting end conflict or giving up or whatever it says on the newspaper.

      That is of course if you want to just end the map, you end it in current ranked position.
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    • I usually don't bother about rebels, EXCEPT by taking capitals just before day change like others already suggested. Otherwise, I only send units to provs if they have some extra value, for example when I turn a province into a major air base to support further advance. If it doesn't, just let the rebels take it, the chance isn't THAT bad and all it takes to retake them is a single AT.
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    • There is a way you can deal with this with a sort of band aid strategy. Surround a small AI or weaken a large AI, then proceed to farm its capitals every time a new one appears, and/or as needed.

      Unfortunately, the AI can take a long time to adjust to peace, which is why I only farm its capitals in wars with 5 or more people. This makes it especially optimal for large maps, such as the 25p or the 100p.