war i dont want

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    • war i dont want

      so, someone decided to declare war on me for no apparent reason, then proceeded to call me a snake and a prick for doing something, now seeing as im playing as austrailia and they are argentina and I have a few islands and a decent navy with lvl 5 destroyers,subs and cruiser and their navy is basically non existant, I know that they probably cant take my mainland without tremendous losses, I was thinking about pulling my troops out of my small area in south America to a island just off the coast to defend but im also trying to get them to rethink this whole thing, is affects moral for all of us, at the moment however they seem hellbent on attacking me so my current idea is to park a few cruiser subs and destroyers alongside 2 battleships and a aircraft carrier with 2 interceptors on board by their capital and keep some small groups of destroyers roaming along their coast with the pacific, im hoping that if I rock up at their capital and bombard the living daylights out of it they might decide to surrender and I may even get them to give up some land (like what happened to germany in WW1), but I also ask you, the reader, for any ideas as to how I can end this conflict quickly and with minimum casualtys on both sides,

      EDIT: im stuffed if they read this but im also probably going to try a naval invasion into their capital after the bombardment

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    • I am ussually not the one that seeks a way out of a war for both sides. But the best advice I can give is to have little conversations with the player to build up a sort of friendship. As time goes on sometimes they decide they dont want to fight anymore. Especially helps when you are increasing the pressure and their troop losses.
    • Best way is to make it painful. So, bombardment of his units is good. Bombardment also lowers his province morale. Having subs to pick off any convoys he might be inclined to send is good too. Communiicate with him.
      He may or may not be willing to end the war. If you appear weak, he definitely won't be interested in ending the war. Bombarding with ships, art, or air is good because you can keep your causalties down but may inflict enough pain to have him reconsider. Keeping his causalities down will not bring a quick end to the war.
    • ok, so I should go ham crazy on his units, so far ive got a meh fighting force in south America, the other major force I have is planned to circle down t meet my battleship flotilla and invade his capital,

      thanks for the ideas so far guys!

      EDIT: it currently a phoney war, war was declared 1-2 days ago and all that's happened is ive sunk a convoy and am chasing a cruiser around the top of south America, im kinda worried they are massing to just squish me. this is kinda going like ww2, who knows, I might even have a Dunkirk happen XD

      EDIT EDIT: wup! it just kicked off, lost 1 med and 2 lights but annihilated 2 mediums and some at guns

      EDIT EDIT EDIT: well, Dunkirk style It is, im pulling off the mainland and defending a small island, just lost my air power as well on his east coast, but the invasion is gonna happen, they did offer peace but I was offline when it happened :(

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    • If I were you, I'd go NO MERCY KILLING SPREE ANNEX EVERYTHING. If you can achieve naval and air superiority, stage an invasion of Argentina. Why just take a little land and give him time to regroup and invade you again? Push him until he goes inactive, that's what I do. Or I die trying. Whichever.
      "That's impossible! The Americans only know how to make razor blades."
      "We could do with some of those razor blades, Herr Reichsmarshall."
      Hermann Goring and Erwin Rommel
    • sounds good, at the moment however ive lost 3 planes due to carelessness and I have to move the invasion grounds to an area without artillery, naval superiority tho? well Ive got that covered, I got a bunch of spies and then one of em revealed his armys,no ships that I can see!, the invasion will happen, but as I said, im pulling out of America to regroup on an island, also ill lose 2 oil provences, which seeing as I loose 20/h oil is bad, but hopefully I pull through, I also don't want to fully annex him because at the end it might cause him to use drastic measures (like some gold)
    • Most players, when they see they are losing, will just go inactive. In all the games I've ever played, only one person I've seen has used gold out of desperation, and they still lost. Most people just aren't salty enough to spite someone by spending, like, $300 on gold.
      "That's impossible! The Americans only know how to make razor blades."
      "We could do with some of those razor blades, Herr Reichsmarshall."
      Hermann Goring and Erwin Rommel
    • ok...………………….I also don't really possess the army to annex the whole of South America

      EDIT: and since I was careless with my blockade at the start ,south Africa 2 ,hmmmmmmmm, sheet

      WAR REPORT: current casualtys for all intrested
      Australia - 7,867
      Argentina - 39,832

      but ive lost more provences then them, mainly because im evacuating all troops

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    • I give them a chance to end hostilities peacefully, then cause them pain and ask again. At some point they are hellbent on your destruction so its literally you or them. Take his capital then retreat, that will ease your morale problem. Then again if he doesn't do what you want.

      I have had my entire plan changed because some punk decided he wanted to mess with me while I was avoiding that area. It doesn't take long to put them down (bonus resources) and get back on track. Taking him out is not your plan but if he keeps at you, you might as well put him down to the ground until he stops getting back up for more.
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    • war update, I evacuated from South America and got this: Australia is safe as long as you never return to South America

      so I replied with: No offense, but you really think its gonna be easy? ill take peace now, but ill be back, and one day I shall make good on that promise.

      so im going to keep my ships off his coast with the invasion party, then ill try get my coalition partners in on the invasion as well